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Sunday Discussion: Face To Face With Doctor Fauci | “It’s Almost Over”

Welcome to Sunday Discussion. Each week, this post will feature a serious topic that needs to be featured and talked about. You can “discuss” it on your own social media networks as […]

The Evening Post: COVID-19 Vaccines Explained In 4 Levels Of Difficulty | UNICEF

Join Doctor Mike as he discusses how COVID-19 vaccines work on four levels understandable to a child, parent, student and vaccine expert.  This video is from UNICEF. Click to rate this post! […]

Sunday Discussion: Doctor Mike Day In The Life | COVID-19

Life as a doctor has been strange to say the least during COVID-19. Doctor Mike has spent a lot of time talking about our frontline healthcare workers from home, so today he […]

Sunday Discussion: The Uncomfortable Truth About Reopening Schools

It’s the topic being talked about around America, are schools safe to be reopened during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  For the last several weeks Doctor Mike has been researching the debate on whether […]

Sunday Discussion: Doctor Fact-Checks PLANDEMIC Conspiracy

With the Coronavirus pandemic getting worse here in the United States, people continue to share this Plandemic Conspiracy video that has been already debunked numerous times, but people continue to share this […]

The Evening Post: These Doctors Are Reckless And Wrong

You might have seen a video from doctors in Bakersfield, California, and it has gotten Doctor Mike angry.  Originally, he did not want to respond to this press conference as he thought […]

Sunday Discussion: Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19

This is an very important video to watch.  Doctor Mike got to sit down and interview with Doctor Anthony Fauci.  Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a champion of truth & integrity during […]

Sunday Discussion: Coronavirus Is A PANDEMIC….Technically

The coronavirus situation is growing rapidly, and it’s good to hear from a real doctor.  Doctor Mike talks more about the coronavirus in his latest video.  He does believe by technical definition […]

Watch A Doctor React To The Pro-Vaccine Vs Anti-Vaccine Debate

It’s all over the news, and I find this very weird.  As you might know by now, I do have high functioning autism, but I do not believe that vaccines cause autism.  […]

Watch A Real Doctor Play Surgeon Simulator

A game called Surgeon Simulator challenges you to complete a surgery without losing all the patient’s blood.  And in the video below, Doctor Mike, who is a real doctor, plays this online […]

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