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Science Mondays: Do You Expand With The Universe

From YouTube channel Veritasium and Derek Muller, comes a question.  Do you actually expand with the universe?  As the universe expands, expanding space is said to “stretch” photons.  But if it stretches […]

See How To Understand And See The First Image Of A Black Hole

There has been some amazing science news!  We all got to see the first image of a black hole, and everyone went insane!  Derek Muller from the Veritasium YouTube channel put out […]

View Two Awesome Solar Eclipse Videos

Over a month ago, the Great American Eclipse dazzled millions across America.  And two of the top YouTube science channels covered it!  The first video from the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay and Destin Sandlin […]

Watch Veritasium Explain Why The Brightest Part Of A Shadow Is In The Middle

The YouTube channel Veritasium and host Derek Muller explains why the brightest part of a shadow is in the middle.  So, why is there a bright spot behind spherical objects, learn and enjoy below!

Watch Veritasium Talk About The Science of Six Degrees of Separation

It’s too late to participate in this, but I thought I would talk about this video from the YouTube channel Veritasium.  Derek talks about the science behind the six degrees of separation.  Yes, […]

Watch Veritasium Talk About Our Greatest Delusion

Derek Muller from the Veritasium YouTube channel talks about his time in Chernobyl, and a bunch of other things.  This video is about our greatest delusion, and it’s a good speech about carving in stone, […]

Watch Veritasium Interview Richard Dawkins About Evolutionarily Stable Strategies

The YouTube channel Veritasium and Derek Muller got to interview Richard Dawkins about the Evolutionarily Stable Strategies.  Basically, natural selection in the animal world.  When evolution favors a stable ratio of traits rather than one dominant […]

TV Review: Uranium: Twisting The Dragon’s Tail

Over the past two nights, a wonderful mini-series aired on PBS.  The series is called Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail.  The series is hosted of Derek Muller, a YouTube personality.  And […]

Veritasium Shows You How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

The YouTube channel Veritasium and Derek Muller has a new TV show on PBS called  Uranium Twisting the Dragon’s Tail.  Episode one was great and episode two will air on Wednesday night at 9 […]

Watch Smarter Every Day And Veritasium Tackle The Truth About The Toilet Swirl

This is amazing stuff!  The YouTube channels Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay did videos about the truth of the toilet swirl.  You know, the toilet swirl direction is different in the northern and southern hemispheres.  But it turns […]

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