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Nathan Runs His Freakin’ Mouth 5: Anniston’s Ben Little, Del Marsh, Mike Rogers Problems

Welcome to the Nathan Runs His Freakin’ Mouth podcast! In Episode 5, I talk about Anniston’s Ben Little, Del Marsh, and Mike Rogers leadership problems.  Enjoy the video and audio podcasts below! […]

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What I Think About The Upcoming 2015 Alabama Special Session

Governor Robert Bentley, what were you thinking when you thought calling a surprise special session and surprising all the legislators was a good idea? I mean, everyone thought a special session in […]

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Sunday Discussion: The Alabama Budget Crisis And The Tea Party Wackos

Happy Easter everybody! While I could talk about why Easter is an important holiday, I am going to talk about something else here in Alabama. And sorry to burst your Easter happy […]

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Sunday Discussion: Comparing Alabama Political Leaders To The Simpsons

Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh has been on a spending spree.  Many people in Calhoun County have seen those flyers mailed out attacking candidate Taylor Stewart.  But one of the flyers had […]

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It’s Official, The Anniston/Oxford Metro Is In Deep Trouble

The Anniston/Oxford Metro has struggled over the past few years, mostly due to Fort McClellan shutting down and the job cuts at the Anniston Army Depot, BAE Systems, and other places.  Now, I […]

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The 2014 Alabama Legislature Has A Explosive Ending

My only question is, what happened to the Alabama Legislature that caused it to go down into flames.  The legislature was signing Kumbaya and actually passed Carly’s Law to allow UAB to do […]

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Three Bills The 2014 Alabama Legislature Needs To Deal With

2014 has been a quiet year for the Alabama Legislature down in Montgomery.  Even though not much controversial is coming out of Goat Hill, there are a couple of bills that I […]

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