A Star Wars Character In A Gyroscope

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Some of the fun from the Noble Street Festival was all the costumed characters!  One of the favorites every year is the Star Wars Characters.  Each year, the Alabama 501st Legion or the Alabama Garrison, yes there is such a thing, comes out with costumed characters from Star Wars!  This year I got lucky as one of the characters got into a  gyroscope ride provided by Top Notch Rentals in Anniston.

Here are some pictures and a video from this!  I remind you that the Alabama 501st Legion will be at the Alabama Phoenix Festival on Memorial Day Weekend!  Learn more about the Alabama Phoenix Festival at: http://www.alabamaphoenixfestival.com/

Learn more about the Alabama 501st Legion at: http://empirestrikesbama.com

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The Evening Post: Darth Vader Homecoming

I loved this video!  This is a video showing a light saber battle between a kid and Darth Vader.  What the kids do not know about Darth Vader is great!  From the mother:

“At the time of the video (May), our kids had been separated from their dad for almost 3 months. They thought they wouldn’t be seeing him until December. My son had stated that he wanted a Star Wars party so he could be Luke and fight Darth Vader (whom he thought was going to be his older cousin). My husband came home for 96 hours to surprise our son at his birthday party… dressed as Darth Vader. The little Princess Leia in the video is our daughter, too! My husband is currently deployed (his first deployment) and we are counting down the days til he’s home!”

See; Star Wars can bring happiness to anyone!  Enjoy the video!

The Evening Post: Dog Attacks Darth Vader

First the updated Paralympic medal count.  China has taken a huge lead in the medal count with 34 medals.  Australia is 2nd with 19 medals and the USA is in 6th with 10 medals.

Today’s Paralympic moments start off with Joseph Berenyi winning gold for the USA in the  Men’s Individual C3 Cycling Pursuit.  Congrats!

From Getty Images.

Also Hannah Cockroft won gold for Great Britain in the Women’s 100m – T34 Final.  Congrats!

From London 2012.

Tonight I wanted to share this video which I think will go viral.  There was a street show featuring Darth Vader and a Jedi fighting each other.  Well Darth Vader lost and then a dog in the crowd came and attacked the evil Lord Vader.  I thought this video was very cute and funny as well.  At least the dog knows the Star Wars story!

Happy Star Wars Day! 2012

Today May 4th is Star Wars Day!  Today all Star Wars fans celebrate what is one of the most popular science fiction franchises ever.  A saying in the movie has been retold for this day.  ”May the Force be with you” becomes “May the fourth be with you.”  Some Star Wars characters were at the Noble Street Festival.

And the Super Bowl has gotten the Star Wars touch with those Volkswagen ads.

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone!