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Top Customer Service Mistakes To Avoid

When you run a business, you have many different strands to manage successfully, and customer service should be right up towards the top of your list of priorities. Unfortunately, many businesses find […]

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What Does It Take To Provide Good Customer Service?

Providing good customer service is a key part of ensuring you’re running your business right. After all, the better you treat your customers, the further they’re going to spread the word! Not […]

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Hey Comcast, This Is Not How You Do Customer Service

Hey Comcast, who has service in Gadsden, this is not the way to have great customer service!  Ryan Block called Comcast to cancel his service because he found a better service.  So […]

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How Buffer App Handled Their Hacking The Right Way

Hackings are a part of life in the online world.  Many major websites have experienced an episode of being hacked including the New York Times for example.  So hackings can and will […]

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