On Top Of Commerce Towers

In this post, I am featuring a video and photos on top on the Commerce Towers building overlooking Anniston.  11 floors up you can see all the main landmarks you see in the downtown Anniston area, enjoy!


The Evening Post: Wells Fargo Building In Anniston

Geek Alabama Evening Post

The Wells Fargo building along Quintard Ave. in Anniston is now closed.  The building will soon come down and a smaller bank branch will be built at the same site.  The building was built in 1973 and is six stories.  The current building has numerous issues with plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems along with cosmetic issues.  Construction scaffolding was placed around the outside of the building to prevent falling debris from hitting people.  The building is also not energy efficient and had too much building for Wells Fargo to maintain.  Say goodbye to this building as it will be torn down!

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This Old House in Dadeville

I went down to Dadeville, AL recently to see this old house on the corner of West St. and Columbus St. that I used to live in.  Yes me and my family lived in this house in the early 1990’s and it was a peaceful time.  Soon after we moved out of this house everything went south in a hurry during the divorce.  The house is being used to store things from the nursing home across the street.  And as you can see in the photos below parts of the house is collapsing.  It won’t be long before this house meets a bulldozer.  Very sad as this house is very old and worth saving by someone.  Enjoy the photos!

Anniston Land Company Demolition

This morning the city of Anniston began to demolish the Anniston Land Company Building. This building which has been around for 100+ years is about to be history.  This is a sad time for Anniston.  At least some artifacts are being saved from the building.  It will take a few days to tear the building down.  So go by and watch history being torn down.  Or look at the pictures and videos I took below.