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What Has Gone Wrong With Buffer App

I have a pretty good social media following, and to keep up with what I post on social media, I use Buffer app.  I have not had any problems with the app […]

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People Hate The New YouTube Commenting System

YouTube last week finally updated its commenting system.  And so far, many people are not liking the new changes.  Before the change last week, YouTube comments were merely a long disorganized list often filled […]

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How Buffer App Handled Their Hacking The Right Way

Hackings are a part of life in the online world.  Many major websites have experienced an episode of being hacked including the New York Times for example.  So hackings can and will […]

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Buffer App and Friends + Me; Easy Ways to Update Social Media

This post is going to be about the apps and programs I use to make my time on social media easier.  There is one app available that is super easy to use!  Buffer App […]

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The Instagram Photo Selling Freakout

People who use the very popular photo-sharing app called Instagram are upset these days.  First they removed the ability to easily see picture previews in their Twitter feeds.  Many Instagram users wants to share their […]

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