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The Evening Post: Bankrupt – Kodak

From Bright Sun Films, comes the story of Kodak.  Objectively back in the 1900’s, when you thought about taking pictures, you thought Kodak. They were once the worlds most iconic photography brand […]

Sunday Discussion: Abandoned – Sears

The downfall of Sears and K-Mart is almost fully complete.  After over 130 years of business, today Bright Sun Films is looking at one of the most iconic and prolific retailers in […]

Sunday Discussion: Abandoned – RadioShack

Remember RadioShack?  I do!  As a kid, I remember going to a RadioShack for cool toys, those batteries, and those certain parts you could get for your electronics.  Sadly, the internet came […]

Sunday Discussion: Bankrupt – Pan Am

Pan Am was once a very popular airline, but a bunch of disasters killed them.  When commercial American aviation grew, Pan American Airways was a shining star.  An airline that brought the country […]

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