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The Evening Post: Will It Blend – Podcast Microphone

Smells like 2020, don’t breathe this!  Yes, Will It Blend is back!  The popular Blendtec series featuring Tom decided to blend a podcast microphone in this episode, yep it does blend.  See […]

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Watch A iPhone X Be Blended On Will It Blend

Ah, new technology is always awesome.  And when new tech comes out, the YouTube channel Blendtec and their hit show Will It Blend will always be a part of that new tech action.  In […]

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Watch Will It Blend Take Out Jar Jar Binks

Remember Jar Jar Binks?  He is one of the most hated characters in the Star Wars universe.  And if you hate him and want to see him gone, you are in luck! […]

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