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Explore The US Government Program That Pays For Your Flights

Did you know that the USA Government actually pays the airlines some money for some flights across the USA?  The program is called the essential air service.  It’s a U.S. government program […]

Explore The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won’t Use

I am guessing the YouTuber CGP Grey had a bad flight experience, and decided to vent by making this video.  If you fly, you know that airlines board based by a group […]

See How Airlines Decide Where to Fly Around The World

Airlines run a very big business, and to stay profitable, they must decide where to fly or what routes to cut on a constant basis.  If a route is not used by […]

Sunday Discussion: Bankrupt – Pan Am

Pan Am was once a very popular airline, but a bunch of disasters killed them.  When commercial American aviation grew, Pan American Airways was a shining star.  An airline that brought the country […]

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