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Roadscapes Wednesday: University Of Alabama Researchers To Design Next-Gen Transportation System In West Central Alabama

Researchers at the University of Alabama are embarking on a $16.8 million project to transform the roads and highways in the Tuscaloosa area into a smart transportation network that is safer, less congested and […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Natchez Trace Parkway – Tupelo to Alabama

This week, how about a time-lapse road video.  The YouTube channel Interstate 411 made a video documenting the Natchez Trace Parkway from Tupelo, MS to the Alabama state line.  Enjoy a peaceful […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: How Did The Ancient Romans Manage To Build Perfectly Straight, Ultra Durable Roads

From the folks at Today I Found Out, we get to learn about early road building technology!  The ancient Romans were a people famed for their architectural prowess, something no better demonstrated […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Eating And Driving: How Much Do Those French Fries Really Cost

The day to day lives of working Americans are busy – making multitasking a necessity. However, many people take multitasking to dangerous levels. Eating and drinking while driving is a growing trend across America […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: ALDOT Can’t Plan Anything Right

Congrats to us taxpayers, that over $2 billion toll bridge for I-10 is dead!  But as you already know, ALDOT can’t do anything right it seems.  So the Adamsville Church of Christ […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Denver: A Midsummer Night’s Chill

Here is another great time lapse road video from FreewayJim.  In this video below, you get to follow I-70 West from the outskirts to I-25 South through downtown during nightfall.  There is […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Where Manhattan’s Grid Plan Came From

If you visit Manhattan, you realize how perfect the grid plan really is.  Manhattan is famous for its grid — so famous that people take pictures of the way the sun shines […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Tour De France 2019: Top 10 Moments

I love watching the Tour De France and seeing the highlights.  I also love seeing the road designs in France.  So on this post, let’s highlight the ten top moments of the […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Sign The Petition To Fire Current ALDOT Director John Cooper

The Facebook group Block the Mobile Bayway Toll has over 36,500 members as of the writing of this post.  And with more people joining everyday, the message is clear.  The majority don’t […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: How To Drive The George Wallace Tunnel

Apparently there are people who don’t know how to drive the Interstate 10 George Wallace Tunnel.  A person uploaded a video on YouTube, and the message is simple, just drive!  People love […]

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