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Blocking Mr. Connor And Three Things On Christmas 2017

So it had to happen, I had to block someone on Facebook.  This person whose so called name is Connor Sample went to one of my friends on Facebook and told him […]

A Message To My Haters And Critics

So a post and video like this was long overdue!  I have grown tired of those on social media and the internet who either call me bad words, take advantage of me, […]

Remembering Georgina The Dog In Video And Pictures

On the evening of August 24th, 2016, the decision was made to put Georgina the Dog to sleep.  The reasons were simple; old age, not eating and drinking, throwing up, being limp, […]

An Update To The Five Things To Begin 2016

Well, sorry for the lack of posts folks.  From the computer breaking down, phone breaking down, not sleeping because of major apartment issues, and more.  January 2016 has not been a good […]

What I Got For Christmas 2015 / Five Things To Begin 2016

So this post is going to talk about what I got for Christmas 2015, and talk about my five things I plan on to begin 2016.  I also talked about this on […]

Here Is What I Am Going To Need In A New Computer

So I have recovered from another computer disaster, but of course I did not lose anything important, thank you DropBox.  For now, my computer is still on Windows Vista.  I did try […]

More Computer Problems, And It’s Back To Windows Vista For Me For Now

Well, it has been a week.  I thought I was going to have a very productive week here on Geek Alabama, then the computer crashes again.  Now, everything I had important was […]

The Five Things I Want The Most For My 29th Birthday

So today is my birthday!  As you are reading this, I am outside sitting on the sidewalk in the middle of the night writing this post.  Yeah, this birthday day is going […]

Reflections On Geek Alabama’s 5000th Post / Nathan’s Upcoming 29th Birthday

This is a very special post here on Geek Alabama!  For starters, this is the 5000th post on this site!  Yep, from the time I started this site in August 2011 until […]

Watch And Read Some Bad Comments In Mean Comments: Volume Three

On Monday, I posted a post about how the internet bullies have hijacked my YouTube account.  As I wrote, someone went on YouTube, created a “Nathan Sucks” account, took a weird screenshot […]

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