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The Weather Scene: What Could Thousands Of Mysterious Whales Tell Us About Our Weather

Welcome to The Weather Scene segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, The Weather Scene will feature weather related content. Editor / publisher Nathan Young loves weather related content. And this segment will feature something about the weather every week.

The Arctic is experiencing global warming much faster than the rest of the world. A new study shows four times faster, in fact! One of the effects of this accelerated warming is the melting sea ice in the Arctic. And researchers off the southeast coast of Greenland have started to notice some surprising and alarming new guests.

A variety of exotic marine life have begun to move in, now able to live in the warmer waters. And while this may serve as a boon to some of the inhabitants of the region and its fishing economy, it also signals profound and likely permanent ecosystem changes and points toward the kinds of tipping points we may see if we continue emitting greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Tune into this episode of Weathered to learn about what some of the unexpected consequences might be from the warming Arctic to our jetstream and our Weather.

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