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5 Ways To Experience Stardew Valley In Real Life

When the pandemic started, many people turned to cozy games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley for comfort. Tending to pixelated plants and chatting with NPC neighbors helped replace the lack of social activity many people experienced. However, it didn’t stop there. Cottagecore has become all the rage, leading many people to look for ways to experience games like Stardew Valley in real life. We’ll show you five ways to do just that!

5 Ways To Experience Stardew Valley in Real Life


Try Foraging Berries

One of the fun seasonal activities in Stardew Valley is searching for salmonberries and blackberries. You can do this in real life by researching local berry types. One thing to know is that drupelet berries (the kind that looks like raspberries and blackberries) are never poisonous in North America. But of course, you should always double-check with an experienced naturalist before eating anything you find in the wild.


Go Sturgeon Fishing

Catching the elusive sturgeon is a key moment for every Stardew Valley player. Unfortunately, sturgeon fishing is hard to come by in real life thanks to illegal fishing practices. However, you can still experience a successful sturgeon fishing trip in places like Hells Canyon. Just make sure to release any sturgeon you catch back to the water, since they’re a protected species.


Start a Beehive

Did you know you can set up your very own beehive at home? There are plenty of reliable beekeeping suppliers that can help you get started. All you need is a hive, some bees, and a queen. It also helps to have some sugar water on hand to spray the bees and keep them calm. If you’re nervous about getting stung, you can also wear a beekeeping suit.


Try Water-Bath Canning

Making preserves is an important part of turning a profit in games like Stardew Valley. If you want to try making preserves at home, the main thing you need is a water-bath canner, which is basically a large pot with a lid. Water-bath canning is ideal for high-acid foods such as tomatoes and strawberries. These foods naturally have enough acid to kill off toxic bacteria that can grow in canned goods.


Go Hunting for Geodes

Geodes are special rocks with crystals inside that you can collect in Stardew Valley and in real life. To find one, you’ll want to look for limestone and basalt rocks, which are ideal for geode formation. They typically appear near lakes and rivers.

We hope you enjoyed this list of ways to experience Stardew Valley in real life. If you’re looking to take your cozy cottage life from the screen to the real world, this list can get you started!

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