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Fun Ways To Promote Your Small Business

Marketing is a tricky business. The modern business environment is crowded and competitive, with startups popping up on every corner. You’re always fighting for your customer’s attention with your competitors. You need to do something that will set you apart from the rest.

Small businesses especially need to make the most of their limited resources. Many companies can’t afford huge advertising campaigns and marketing materials. You have to get creative with promotions. You need ideas that are fun, effective, and relatively cheap. Here are some great ways you can promote your small business.


1. Gamify Your Content

Gamification is a relatively new marketing technique. Companies add gameplay elements to their products or services to incentivize consumers to adopt them quickly and easily. It’s a great way to get consumers excited about your product and make them loyal. You can create trivia with the answer being your business name. Include the rules of how many times you’re allowed to post, who can enter, and give away a prize for each person who gets the answer correct.

The best way to incorporate gamification elements into your marketing is to make it interactive. Ask your consumers to answer a question and add relevant information about their experience before they can submit their responses. Utilize that information to create quizzes, challenges, or other promotions encouraging them to share with their friends. Quizzes are fun and allow your audience to show off their knowledge. In the process, they’ll also be reminded of your business.


2. Use Custom Inflatables

Inflatables are a cheap and fun way to promote your business, and let’s be honest – everyone loves them. They can be placed virtually anywhere and are eye-catching. They’re a great way to get your business name out to the public and to create public awareness of your products or services. You can get branded inflatable products designed by local companies that can inflate them outside a business’s store. 

Many companies have inflatable products placed outside their store during their grand opening.

An inflatable tube man can be implemented easily and be placed at the entrance to your business’s store, near a display of your products, or during an event or promotion. They can be created to look like anything and are great substitutes for a traditional advertising standee. They’re cost-effective and can be moved around. This makes them very versatile when it comes to advertising your business.


3. Commission a Mural

Mural art comes in a variety of styles and themes. You can find murals designed to look like an advertising poster, a cartoon, or a full-color illustration. Many business owners decorate their walls with murals to create an artistic and unique environment for their customers. Some people even commission full-scale murals, which take up entire rooms. These can be a great way to add a creative touch to your business’s space and get publicity.

A professional mural artist can create a mural to fit your business’s theme and the style of its décor. This will create a cohesive look in your company’s space. The murals can be painted on the walls of your business’s store or the side of a delivery truck. Choose a mural representing your business and its values, and get creative with it. You can include the name of your business or a mascot in the design.


4. Join in on Popular Hashtags

Do you know what’s trending? Trends can be a great way to boost your business’s popularity. Popular hashtags change over time. They relate to current events or pop culture. Connecting with popular hashtags will get your business name out there and create a buzz about you online. This takes time and effort, but it’s a great way to get your business name in front of many people.

Social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great places to connect with popular hashtags. You can share pictures or updates about your business with those hashtags. Include your business’s name in the hashtags and your updates. You can also create your own hashtag for a special promotion or event. This will help you get more customers and followers and make it easier for people to track down information about you and your product.



The internet has changed the game when it comes to advertising. The new ways of advertising are innovative and effective, but they also require creativity. In this age of technology, visual marketing is the most effective way to drive customers to your business. Get creative with your adverts, find what people love, and create a campaign to grab consumers’ attention.

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