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Tips For Organizing Your Crafting Supplies

Imagine you’re creating a unique and personal décor item for a loved one, but you can’t find your ribbons or your hot glue gun. Stop wasting time searching through your materials and tools for the correct items when you can organize your crafting supplies. Browse through our selection of storage ideas for the ultimate crafting organization!

Tips for Organizing Your Crafting Supplies


Portable Travel Cases

Do you tend to travel with your crafting supplies? Having a portable case is precisely what you need to keep everything in order and ensure you don’t forget an item. All your supplies will be in one location, so it’s easier to find when you’re on the go. This is especially useful if you travel with a sewing or a cutting machine because they can be bulky and tricky to carry without a case.


Invest in a Crafting Table

Stop leaving all your crafting items on the kitchen table. Invest in a crafting table that can double as storage. Keep all your essential tools and materials near the table so they are easily accessible. Don’t forget a comfortable chair to sit in too!


Use a Small Chest of Drawers for Embellishments

The materials you will likely lose track of the most are the smaller items such as buttons, ribbons, sequins, glitter, and more. Use a small chest of drawers for these items, so you don’t forget where they are. You could even make a drawer dedicated to leftover ribbon you can repurpose for other crafts—this also works for excess craft paper, jewelry items, etc.


Don’t Forget Wall Storage

Don’t forget one of the most valuable components in your crafting space, wall storage! When you run out of room in cabinets or want to display your materials, install shelving units on your walls for added storage. Having some items on display will make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Use a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s are extremely helpful in our kitchens for adding more storage space in small places. They also make a lazy Susan in smaller sizes that work great for your writing or coloring utensils. Place a few containers on the swivel and organize your crafting supplies directly on that! Place this device on your crafting table, so your most critical crafting items are readily available.


Use a Pegboard for Ribbon & Thread

A pegboard is perfect for housing your ribbon and thread on spools. Instead of placing these materials in a drawer, put them on the board so you can see and visualize everything you have. This also helps to keep them from unraveling and causing a knotted mess of intertwined thread.

It’s hard to stay productive if you do not organize your supplies. Aside from physical storage, don’t forget to take it one step further by putting your items in categories and labeling bins. The better your organizational skills, the more successful you’ll be in completing projects!

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