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3 Of The Best Car Video Games Of All Time

People play video games for multiple reasons, one of which is to escape the real world. They come home from work or school and jump into a world of fantasy where they are in control. Others opt for games somewhat reflective of the natural world and focus on real-world things such as dating, work, and driving. These are some of the most iconic car video games that rank among the greatest of all time.

3 of the Best Car Video Games of All Time


Mario Kart

More of a racing game than a car game, Mario Kart has been delighting people of all ages for over 20 years. There have been numerous entries for the series, and each brings some new excitement to the table in the way of new mechanics, tracks, characters, and cars. The most recent entry, Mario Kart 8, came out in 2014, and in the almost ten years since its release, it is still flying off the shelves. Recently, they have even begun to release additional racing tracks, as fans still love to play the game and are having fun with it daily.


Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a game series that has existed for a long time and has become one of the most popular game franchises ever. The main appeal of this game is the sandbox freedom it provides players, allowing them to do whatever they want. In these games, you spend a lot of time driving around the map, and as the games evolved, so did the driving.

Unlike real life, where driving too slow may be just as dangerous as driving too fast, the game’s AI significantly punishes players for going fast while making it a challenge to follow the laws of the road. The game’s freedom makes both options incredibly exciting and rewarding for players to experience, making it one of the best car video games of all time.


Gran Turismo

While the other games on this list focus on competition or freedom, Gran Turismo is a game series truly dedicated to cars and racing. Since its initial release, fans and critics alike have continually praised it for its car and track selection, graphics, and driving feel. Unfortunately, many games cannot make their cars feel real, but Gran Turismo goes above and beyond.

While these are three of the best car video games of all time, there are many others that failed to make it onto the list, such as Forza, Burnout, Need for Speed, Twisted Metal, etc. Driving in video games comes in all forms, and you can have devoted racing games right next to driving minigames in other genres of games as well. While controls are frustrating at times, driving and cars in video games will stick through the test of time.

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