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5 Resources To Help Students With Homework

Ensuring the children in your educational district receive the learning experience they need is the most important mission of any school. But there are a large number of students to look after, each requiring an individual amount of educational experience. It’s helpful to have teachers and other adults available to help students that need assistance in school, but what about when they go home? Here are five resources to help students with homework.

1. Kahn Academy

One of the most common and highly-trusted platforms for students to study is Kahn Academy. It’s been around for years, making it reliable and a go-to for many students of different ages. This platform in particular integrates not only notes and study lessons but textbooks and video lessons as well. Sometimes not every student learns by writing down notes and memorizing facts, so the instructional videos on Kahn Academy can help students learn with a visual reference.

Kahn Academy is highly recommended for any subject matter, as it contains study lessons and tutorials on a wide range of topics. Students can also easily access Kahn Academy, as it’s a website they can create an account on at home. By creating this account, they can easily access their information either at school or at home.


2. Hapara

Classified as one of the easiest to use, Hapara is a simple digital learning system for students to use at school or at home. It’s the most integrative and easy to navigate, making it perfect for schools that don’t have the time to run throughout the whole site in order to teach students how to use it. This makes it one of the best K-12 open educational resources online.

It features a digital backpack that’s capable of organizing assignments into correct folders and gives you access to all of your textbooks online. This feature is specifically beneficial for teachers, parents and students, as the teachers can easily display what the homework assignments are to the students and their families. Hapara is an easy-to-use integrative online platform that can be used on any device and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.


3. Sparknotes

Specifically for English, Reading or subject areas that require reading texts, Sparknotes is a great way for students to more easily understand the texts that they’re reading. Not only can students search for practically any book on this site, but Sparknotes also lists a rundown of the characters, analyses, and a plethora of additional information along with the standard summary of each text.

Given that Sparknotes provides access to easy-to-read materials online, it’s a helpful tool for students in practically any subject matter. Teachers in the sciences, social sciences, math and many more can utilize Sparknotes for their students’ benefit.


4. Quizlet

Perfect for studying for tests, Quizlet makes it easy for students to memorize facts and problems that are going to be on future tests. It’s a website that allows the students to create their own flashcards online, saving them time from having to physically write flashcards out. And teachers can even utilize the site, either making flashcards of vocabulary words or even making practice tests for future quizzes. Conveniently, you can use Quizlet either on your laptop, iPad or even your phone, as it’s available as an application to download.


5. Chegg

Lastly, students can benefit from using Chegg, as it offers a wide variety of different services to educational institutions. More specifically, Chegg offers services regarding textbook rentals, study features and even career advice. Teachers can assign homework from certain textbooks on Chegg, and the students can easily access this material at home or in school. Students can use the study tool to prepare for future tests by either creating flashcards and practice questions for themselves or by using the ones pre-made on Chegg. And Chegg also offers assistance in a variety of subject matters, including career advice and video explanations.



Overall, introducing students to various resources can help make the difference between their understanding of a subject and not. It’s important that you implement high-quality resources for them to become comfortable asking for help and completing the homework assignments on time. Consider introducing these five resources to the student in your school to ensure they receive the homework help needed for success.

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