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5 Great Hobbies For People Who Are Housebound For Health Reasons

For life to be fun, we should all have a hobby we enjoy doing. While many people love exercising, playing sports, or going to see a movie, if you have a health issue like COPD where you’re reliant on oxygen, have an autism diagnosis where social movements are limited or have agoraphobia, you may find it difficult to get out. Consider looking into a class action lawsuit at that may help you with the costs of your care while housebound. Luckily, there are other hobbies you can enjoy without leaving the front door. Here are some of those.



If you cannot leave the house and are looking for something to keep you entertained, why not get lost in a novel? Reading is known for exercising the brain, improving concentration, and can even improve sleep too. The great thing about books is they cover every genre you could possibly think of. This means if you’re into fiction or nonfiction, you’re bound to find a book you enjoy. Also, you can have books delivered to your doorstep, which means you won’t have to head to a local Waterstones to be in on the action.


Playing Video Games

For those who are always on their smartphone or tablet, why not take up playing video games? These are a great way to pass the time and keep you engaged. You can play multiplayer games, action-adventure, or play at the best real money online casinos on different games. Just make sure you find a game that excites you, otherwise, you’re likely to zone out after a few minutes!



There’s nothing quite like getting stuck into a puzzle. If you have the patience for them and like a challenge, puzzles are an excellent hobby for those who are housebound. There are amazing benefits attached to puzzles too, such as improving memory, boosting problem-solving skills, and increasing your IQ. Puzzles can also delay Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As long as you don’t mind sitting behind the puzzle for hour upon hour to complete it, this hobby may be to your liking.



For those who have always loved their arts and crafts, painting is a fantastic hobby that can get your creative juices flowing. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to painting either. Once you’ve got your paint, brushes, and a canvas to work on, you can create anything that comes to mind. Many people find painting therapeutic too. No one is saying you have to be Van Gogh level either. Whatever you paint, you may want to hang it up on the wall too. This is sure to give you a great sense of accomplishment.


Listen to Podcasts

For those who want to stimulate their ears, you can’t go wrong with listening to podcasts. Simply grab a pair of headphones, pick one you like the look of, and you can shut your eyes and listen to the conversation. Listening to podcasts will cut your screen time down, teach you something new, and reduce stress.

If you’re housebound, that doesn’t mean you have to sit inside twiddling your thumbs. There are an array of fun-filled hobbies that you can partake in which will keep you occupied and deliver hours and hours of enjoyment.

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