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The Evening Post: Cadence Baker / Tristen Gressett On American Idol

Below, you can view the auditions of two Alabamians on American Idol!

Cadence wants to go beyond her family’s musical legacy — her grandfather Gary Baker wrote “I Swear,” and her father Shane Baker, a professional guitar player, accompanies her in front of the judges. After a standing ovation, Luke goes as far as to say she may be the winner after a stunning cover of Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight”!

The judges have their work cut out with Tristen Gressett. He’s a one man band that literally does it all… just all at once. His first song has too many gimmicks and the judges give him a chance to reel it in. Tristen wants to change the world of music, but will he make it past this first hurdle?

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