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Essential Ways To Become A Defensive Driver

Driving is an “all-in” activity, meaning you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings. However, many people don’t follow the best driving practices. A good driver is a defensive driver, and as a defensive driver, you’ll avoid many mishaps and lower your risk of road accidents. Check out these essential ways to become a defensive driver before hitting the road.

Essential Ways To Become a Defensive Driver

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Driving is an activity that requires close attention. Frequently checking your mirrors and scanning the road are imperative while you’re driving. In addition, pay attention to road signs, pedestrians, and other drivers. If you notice bad road conditions or a reckless driver, it’s OK to pull over or take an alternative route. Ultimately, your safety comes first in these types of situations.


Understand Road Safety

Knowing the rules of the road is an essential part of driving. These rules are in place for your safety and for the protection of others. When you’re on the road, be aware of speed limits, traffic stops, and caution signs. Even if you notice a driver not following the rules, still comply to ensure your own safety.


Get Rid of Distractions

A distraction is any activity that diverts your attention away from driving and makes you look away from the road for more than 10 seconds. This could include texting, talking to passengers, or playing with the radio. Get rid of distractions by putting your phone away, not looking directly at a passenger during a conversation, and setting the radio station prior to pulling off. Driving requires your full attention, so stay alert and free of interruptions.


Stay Within the Speed Limit

Whether you’re on a side street, expressway, or interstate, always stay within the speed limit. It’s your obligation to yourself and others to follow the limit. This ensures a secure driving environment for everyone involved. Avoid driving too fast, because speeding contributes to many common injuries caused by car accidents and other roadside problems.

Everyone is capable of being a good driver. All it takes are some key road practices. Although you can’t control everyone’s actions, you can control yours. Refer to our essential ways to become a defensive driver for helpful tips.

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