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How Rick And Morty Relationship Has Changed During Last Seasons

A big part of the Rick and Morty show is the dysfunctional relationship between the two main characters of the show, which is driven by Rick’s abusive and demanding ways. In the previous seasons, we’ve seen Beth – Rick’s daughter and Morty’s mom – making efforts to try and improve the relationship between her father and her son. She wanted Rick to be nicer to Morty so that their relationship could get better. In Season 4 of the show, it became clear that the relationship between the pair got better, and one episode that demonstrates this well is “Promortyus.”

When both characters – Rick and Morty – got in their spaceship to try and find their way to Earth by shooting up planet Glorzo, they shared a nice bonding moment after Morty mounted the cannons. Rick tells Morty to make the “Yeehaw!” sound, which he says is something you see commonly in similar Star Wars scenes. Although Morty botched it, he still got a rare commendation from Rick for the effort that he put in. That was one unlikely moment as you would have braced yourself up for a barrage of insults, which was the norm for a long while. It gets even surprised when they start to discuss several acts of terrorism, such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11, and the different styles they should use to kill their enemies. 

Now it’s starting to look like they can find an agreement on specific issues – which is strange – and even when they are not in agreement, they find a way to rationalize things calmly and work out a logical conclusion. They start to separate their emotions from their problems when they’re required to. Seeing that Morty can maintain his cool in front of Rick and not suffer a meltdown or panic, and Rick also staying calm while talking to Morty is refreshing indeed. 

At some point, Rick opens up in an honest and vulnerable moment, saying it’s been some time since he’s been able to have fun and let loose. That was one confession that not one viewer of the show would expect from Rick, but then, he goes on to apologize for being antsy while they were going to their ship and taking off some facehuggers along with him. You would be forgiven for thinking that you’re watching another and not the ‘Rick and Morty’ that you’ve always known. 

Surprisingly, Ricky continues his apology to Morty, saying he’s sorry for constantly taking it out on the kid, and Monty tells him to continue opening up and not be scared of letting him in. Who would have thought? And Ricky responds with “Will do, buddy!” and it suddenly feels like it’s two young kids getting to know each other. This was indeed the central turning point of the show and was the start of the rapport like best friends. 

There was another episode in which they were having lunch after they returned to Earth. They made jokes concerning their adventures and when they were heading home towards that episode’s end. Morty asks Rick to join him in watching the interdimensional cable to cool off, and Rick joins him quickly. So the stubborn and hard Rick now listens to Morty, which shows how much their relationship has evolved. Even Beth got stunned, unsure, and distrustful about the newfound relationship because she felt it was going too smoothly and may lead to even more disaster later. You can’t even blame Beth for thinking in this manner because anyone in her shoes would do the same. It was sincerely too good to be true. 

In fact, in an earlier episode, they were both annoyed that Summer was with them because they only wanted to spend time with each other alone. They don’t care what anyone does; they just want to enjoy each other’s company, which is still strange to everyone. The same thing happened when they were on the Story Train too. Suddenly their relationship took a U-turn from a hostile and unfriendly one to them wanting to only spend time together like a newly wedded couple. This change in the dynamic of their relationship is now the major highlight of the Rick and Morty show


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