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Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021: What To Consider When Promoting A Brand

Over the years, social media has evolved to be a platform to promote your brand, content, services and other relevant business-related propositions. If you can hack into what is required to attract the audience that your brand needs through social media, then your business will grow significantly.

Social media apps such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and even the web can be effective promotion tools if you know how to effectively use these platforms. If you are not aware of the required processes, put your mind at ease. In this article, we will be discussing social marketing trends in 2021, like SEO and what to consider when promoting a brand.


Content Marketing and Social Media

Content marketing and social media are two different concepts. However, they are related in certain aspects. First, what is content marketing? With the help of writers from Rushessay, we will provide a comprehensive definition. Content marketing is a tool in conventional marketing used by companies and industries to promote their brand and services to a specific audience to gain prospective customers. If a company effectively uses content marketing, then the profits and sales will be affected significantly.

Now, an appropriate and effective channel through which brand promoters can communicate the intricacies of content marketing to an audience is social media. Social media has evolved to involve communication with brand promoters and their customers. It is now a valid channel for conveying complaints, reviews, opinions and even ideas that can improve the content marketers.

The customers are the last link in the chain of content marketing, so if they are not satisfied, you need to change your business tactics. Social media makes you aware in a comprehensive and quicker manner compared to other marketing means and platforms. You can look at social media as a means of storytelling. In this sense, social media is the medium for conveying a story(idea) to a listener (an audience/prospective customers).

To show how closely related social media is to content marketing, stock markets are a practical example. On several occasions, words of powerful businessmen like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos on social media apps like Twitter have repeatedly affected the stock markets. The result shows how closely related social media is to the business world and, inevitably, content marketing. Your business can change for the better when you know to tap into the connection between social media and content marketing.


Key Factors for the promotion of your brand on social media

There are key factors, methods, and tools you need to be aware of when you are promoting your brands on social media. In 2021, using the right marketing platform can give your business a significant boost when discovered.


1: Effectively use SEO

SEO, alternatively known as Search Engine Optimization, is an offshoot of copywriting. In other words, the main aim is to attract an audience. You see a list of results when you search for something on the internet. The search results are the end progress of Search Engine Optimization. Summarily, SEO aims at helping you utilize your content optimally in relation to search engines. It ensures that your content is closely connected to the outcome of searches on a search engine.

SEO entails the identification of specific keywords that are related to your brand’s content. Subsequently, these keywords are used to create content in the writing aspect. Then after the preparation of your brand’s content with specific related keywords, you can then post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or your blogs.

A relevant tool for an effective checking of SEO is Google, which is the number one leading factor when it comes to relaying searches to specific content. Google is a search engine that shows web pages on the internet by considering certain factors such as a posts’ relevance, authority and weight it carries on the internet.

So, if your content is constructed in a relevant way, Google will recognize it and rank it. Note that the inputs concerning the number of keywords you use in writing don’t make it central to Google’s identification. What matters is quality, not quantity.



We can’t talk about Search Engine Optimization without considering the concept of copywritng. What is copywriting? Copywriting is not a recent development in the marketing industry. However, copywriting can be tailored to suit changes in recent marketing trends.

Copywriting is a marketing concept that involves crafting writings, blogs and content of products in a captivating manner to prospective customers. In other words, quality copywriting makes an audience want to develop an interest in what you have to offer. Once mastered, copywriting can be an effective marketing tool.

In the context of SEO, an SEO copywriter tailors a brand’s content to be especially suited for viewing on social media and its apps, websites and related platforms. A skilled copywriter is one that thoroughly understands people. Through their understanding of the target audience, they create intriguing content that will be irresistible to the target audience.

The choice of words, phrases, and sentences by a skilled copywriter aim to grab the reader’s interest. By infusing the concept of SEO with copywriting, you are giving your services a significant boost. Employ copywriters to take your business to a higher level, and you will be surprised at the outcome.


2: Properly incorporate visuals into your branding.

As the popular saying goes, “seeing is believing,” people will be more interested in what you have to offer when they can see visible proof. First, you can use well-crafted images to attract the attention of your prospective audience. For instance, if you are trying to promote a social brand, hire a model and take pictures of that model wearing your brand. If the picture is nicely taken, it will arguably have more effect than just words describing how a product will look like. You can advertise on social media apps like Pinterest or Instagram for better recognition of your brand.

On a related note, videos slap harder when it comes to content marketing. You can produce mini-video commercials and post them on several social media platforms for recognition. However, there are also factors you have to take note of when using graphics. Despite the appealing nature of visuals, they can also be repulsive if one is not careful.

So, when you are publicizing your content on social media platforms like Instagram, ask yourself certain questions. Questions like: Is this product appealing to my market audience? Is the color apparent to them? What would be a customer’s reaction when they see it? These questions will help you when making critical decisions on social media.


3: Establish your brand’s voice

Every brand has a unique vibe they give off, depending on the content they are promoting. Some give off a happy vibe, others sarcastic—some even funny. Social media is structured in such a way that even if your style isn’t generally accepted in the rigid business world and viewers or your audience is interested in your presentation and content; then you are good to go.

Some brands even use memes and funny comedy videos on Twitter and Instagram for the promotion of their services. It has proven to be effective because mainly social media is a platform for entertainment, so making people laugh or entertained for the promotion of your brand is an ideal marketing trend in 2021.


4: Create multiple accounts for different aspects

If your business is one that involves not just one product or service, then you should diversify. By diversification, you can create different accounts for a certain service. The main purpose of creating different accounts is to concentrate on every product, so none is overshadowed. By using an account for the promotion of one product or service under your brand, you can restructure your branding to catch the attention of your audience.

In the process, you can also promote social awareness to indirectly draw attention to your product. For instance, from the year 2020- 2021, COVID-19 is one of the trends that has everyone on their toes. So, while suggesting rules and preventive measures for your audience to adhere to, you can subtly introduce your brand. In summary, you can use a current trend to promote your trend.


5: Measure your brand’s impact

Brand promotion is no longer what it used to be; it is now a complex and intricate process, especially when social media involvement is among. Creating and publicizing your brand is not about your logo or design but your brand’s impact. Your brand is your voice, what you have to offer, and the methods you use to make your brand known.

However, measuring your success and improvement rate on social media is not an easy task due to the qualitative nature of brand promotion. Despite this, there are still ways you can use to verify your substantial progress. For instance, you can use surveys to know your progress. Other means such as monitoring posts engagement and comments is an effective technique.



Marketing through social media has a different vibe to it due to the involvement of certain factors. Nevertheless, there are certain factors you can hack into to get the hang of it. Read this article to discover such factors.



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