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xFyro ANC Pro: AI-Supported True Wireless Earbuds

When you mention artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is an AI-powered car or digital assistant. You’d hardly think AI would support devices as tiny as earbuds, but that’s exactly what xFyro have done with their ANC Pro.

The earbuds rely on a discerning algorithm that helps ensure total immersion in your music. They also come with unique materials, a high-capacity battery, and solid durability.

Here are the main highlights of this product.

Immersive Listening Experience

The ANC Pro cancels unwanted surrounding noise that can interrupt music. It allows you to groove to your tunes without being disturbed by unwanted sounds. The earbuds feature a powerful AI that recognizes over 6,000 sounds and prevents anything unnecessary from reaching your ears.

But being oblivious to your surroundings can be dangerous. The ANC Pro addresses this concern with transparency mode. It categorizes incoming sounds into two groups (critical and non-critical) and allows essential noise to reach your ears. For instance, if there’s an alarm, siren, or voice speaking to you, the earbuds will lower the volume and enable you to hear it.


Excellent Audio Quality

Complementing active noise suppression is remarkable audio quality. The mids and highs are well-balanced, whereas the bass is satisfyingly deep. All the sounds produced by the earbuds are clear and crisp, making for a soothing experience.

One of the main reasons why the ANC Pro provides terrific sounds is the speakers. They’re made of graphene, one of the thinnest and strongest materials on the planet. It’s perfectly suitable for earbuds since it delivers accurate amplification and vibrations without diminishing over time. As a result, you can use the product for many years and enjoy optimal sound quality.

Sleek and Intuitive Design

The ANC Pro true wireless earbuds feature an ergonomic, coin-shaped design that suits all ear types. They are highly comfortable, and you can choose between three sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Coated in soft rubber, the earbuds slide into your ears comfortably while adhering to the shape of your ear canal. This way, they don’t cause any pain or irritation associated with prolonged use.

Apart from being pleasant to wear, the ANC Pro won’t fall out of your ears, as they’re firmly in place. You can use them while weightlifting or running without the risk of losing your earbuds.

On top of that, they’re stored inside a compact charging case you can easily carry in your pocket, making them ideal for on-the-go listening. By pressing the power key in the center of the case, you can turn off the earbuds and start charging them.


Long-Lasting Battery

The ANC Pro eliminates one of the most common problems earbud users face – limited battery time. The product can last for 10 hours on a single charge, and there’s an extra 90 hours in the charging case. Therefore, you get a total of 100 hours with your earbuds, which is more than enough for weekly commuting and training sessions.

Furthermore, the earbuds take just 15 minutes to recharge fully. As for the case, it can be charged in approximately two hours.

Water and Dust Protection

Another great thing about the earbuds is their robust protection against water and dust. They are IPX5-rated, meaning they won’t fall victim to any weather, from trickles to downpours. Plus, they’re sealed to keep dust particles at bay.


A Prime Example of a Hi-Tech Gadget

Using powerful and intuitive technology, the ANC Pro promises an exceptional listening experience. The active noise canceling lets you enjoy your high-quality tunes in peace while alerting you to surrounding risks. The battery performance is solid, whereas the design takes comfort to another level.

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