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Some Amazing Feel Good Techniques To Brighten Your Mood At Home

How would it feel to have a button that you press to get instantly uplifted and happy? The emotions you experience are a result of the choices you make. There are some of the things you can do at home to brighten your moods.

If you choose to be cheerful often, here are several techniques you can apply to brighten your mood at home.


1.  Use Of Incense Sticks

Scents and fragrances can change your mood at home. Light some incense, lay on your bed with a book and some relaxing music. Alternatively, sit on a sofa in the evening and replace candles with two incense sticks. The fragrance will relax your mood. You will have reduced body activities such as breathing and the heartbeat rate.

The fragrance of incense is relaxing and helps in unwinding. You can light some IncenseCrafting sticks while meditating or resting. This method gives you time and space to forget anything that troubles you.

The purified room air gives you a calming freshness. The scent also reduces your heartbeat rate and calms your mind from many thoughts. You get improved concentration, and you will focus on essential things to engage your mind.

2.  Getting a Hug

Receive my hug as you read this post! Hugs can cheer and comfort us. It is one of the easiest ways to brighten your moods. Hug a close friend or a parent each time you are feeling low. A one-minute hug triggers the brain to release a happy hormone. Oxytocin is a molecule that the brain cells use to connect. This hormone makes people more loving and affectionate, even towards strangers.

Each time you are in bad moods, consider getting a hug. You can hug a friend, a parent, or your spouse. Pets provide comfort, too, when you cuddle them. When you get a chance to get a hug, do not hesitate. Please go on, initiate and get it.

3.  Take A Walk

A little walk can be soothing. A friend can accompany you, or you can take your pet with you. It is preferred to take a walk in a natural environment. The fresh air and blowing of the wind can be relieving. You can also see trees swaying and birds flying. The sun also could light up your mood.

You will have stories that will uplift and encourage you. Such narratives help shift your mind away from what troubled you. The natural outdoor presence eases stress. Walking improves your attention and memory span. You also get better at fighting stress. Take a walk in cold weather or in the evening to utilize the cool breeze. You can also do a little exercise or a short run to relieve your mind.


4.  Take A Shower

Self-care is one of the vital techniques to brighten your mood at home. You can take a shower each time you are in a bad mood. Just go into your bathroom and let water sprinkle on you. Jump in the bathroom and wash your thoughts away. A cold shower is preferable. It activates a hormone that initiates positive moods. The skin also has cold receptors that signal the brain to trigger mood-enhancing effects.

Showers energize your body. A cold shower stimulates your blood flow, making you alert and decisive. A shower comforts and allows better sleep which brightens your moods. Taking a nap is also a form of relaxation.


5.  Talk To Friends And Family

Loyal friends laugh at your jokes even when they are not funny and sympathize with your difficulties. Finding a true friend is hard. Having a friend who comprehends and listens to your concerns is everything you need.

The little conversations and jokes you have with friends make you happier each time your mood is low. Your friend will not only confide in you but also accept your situation and advise you. Family members can also help with a shoulder to lean on and offer comfort.


6.  Engage The Brain

Exercising your brain will do wonders. Keeping your brain active in different activities helps it to maintain sanity and brighten your moods. You can spend time doing your favorite activities. Reading a book or practicing your favorite sport will work to uplift your mood. You can also engage yourself in cleanliness.

7.  Singing

Singing aloud is another way to relieve yourself of stress. You can jam to your favorite song and dance along. It is calming and an easier way to forget your sorrows. There are also motivational songs that can brighten your mood at home. You can create a playlist with these songs and sing along. Both will boost your mood and promote relaxation.



At some point, everyone experiences sad moods. The management of these moods may prove to be an uphill task for most people. Lighting incense sticks, talking to a friend, or even singing may do the magic and uplift your moods. However, if you cannot get your mood to improve, it is advisable to seek professional help.

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