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Explore How AI Is Changing The World

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is constantly improving. Now, it is a technology that is entering its maturity. The impact of artificial intelligence is being seen in multiple industries. Because of this, AI is affecting the lives of people in unique ways.

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The Next Generation of Computing

In the early 1990s, people had a tough time understanding what the Internet was or its full potential. Now, society is using the Internet in a way that a few decades ago was unfathomable.

It is fair to say that a similar transformation will take place in the future as AI technology continues to mature. However, one does not need to look to the future to see the impact that AI has. Today, many companies are working on AI projects that are transforming the way business is done and setting the pace for how business will be done tomorrow.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence describes systems that have the ability to solve complex problems. These problems are different from what is typically solved by machines. Artificial intelligence can solve these problems quickly and in a scalable fashion.

Data labeling plays a major role in building effective artificial intelligence. When you first build an AI model, you have a ton of unlabeled data. Labeling that data is part of preparing and preprocessing the data to build AI.

An example is training data used for facial recognition. The artificial intelligence model is built on data tagged with faces that have noses, eyes, and mouths. Artificial intelligence can learn and use the data it received to identify different facial features in the future.

Artificial intelligence has reached the point it has today because computer hardware has become efficient and powerful. Couple that with machine learning, which is a computer’s ability to learn from its mistakes or use data to avoid repeating the same errors, and you have a powerfully transformative tool.


Practical Uses for AI Today

Several organizations use artificial intelligence and machine learning. These tools are being used to automate workplace tasks and improve the customer experience.

AI allows businesses to predict which people will want to use certain products, understand customer preferences, evaluate customer behavior, and offer customers an improved experience. Advertising agencies are using machine learning to create improved ads that target a wide range of users while directly addressing the needs of a particular individual.

What has been seen up until now with AI represents some exciting trends. But it would appear like the best is yet to come. AI will be essential in taking things that were considered science-fiction and making them science-fact. For example, AI-driven driverless vehicles, deep learning neural networks, and enhanced facial recognition software are just a few of the tools that are on the horizon.

AI has the potential to transform any industry. For example, AI is being used in healthcare to identify problems that human physicians may overlook. The number of images taken of patients has grown exponentially. This means that healthcare facilities have terabytes of data of images. However, the number of medical professionals is growing linearly. There are not enough people around to view and interpret all of the images being taken.

Additionally, diagnostic imaging solutions can only evaluate around 10 percent of the more than 200 different medical conditions physicians need to be able to identify. Artificial intelligence can evaluate, examine, and extrapolate ideas based on storehouses of data and help physicians identify potentially life-threatening illnesses that they would not be able to catch on their own. In this way, AI is being and will continue to be leveraged to make the world a better place.

AI is showing its effectiveness in agriculture. Some air platforms have the ability to analyze 5,000 drone images per second. They have image resolution down to 0.1 mm per pixel. This means that the systems have the ability to evaluate 2.4 billion leaves every month, identifying pests, diseases, and other problems that could be detrimental in the agricultural field.



Humanity is just scratching the surface of what AI can do. AI is a technology that promises to usher in a new era of human development, possibly eliminating some of the major problems that have plagued humanity for millenniums.

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