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Advice For Empty-Nesters Looking To Downsize

Downsizing your home can truly mean upsizing your life, but it will take a new mindset about what downsizing actually is. Instead of thinking of compressing your life, focus on rightsizing your possessions so you can focus on new goals.

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Focus on What You’ll Gain

Go through each room and carefully review exactly what you want to keep. If you have a new home or an apartment already picked out, go ahead and make a map of your new space so you can determine what pieces will go where. As you determine what you’re not keeping, start getting rid of things to free up space.

Set up one room as a gathering space for the items you’re keeping. Start boxing up the items that are coming with you and stacking them in this space. Color code the boxes so they can be assigned to the right room in your new space.


Lighten Your Load, Increase Your Cash

Declutter and discard in each room of your house. Enter each space with a

  • black bag for garbage
  • white bag for donations
  • box for selling
  • box, bin, or clothes basket for items you’re taking with you

To successfully sell the items that no longer need but still have some life, there are many choices online, or you can have a moving sale. To get ready for a moving sale, make sure that you do your best to reduce traffic inside your existing home. The items that you want to keep should not be viewable by the general public during your moving sale.


Sell Quickly

No matter the condition of the housing market, having a house on the market for too long is an indicator that there’s something wrong with the property. If your property lingers, don’t be afraid to contact the professionals who offer that we buy houses San Antonio TX to move your property along quickly.


Buy With Convenience in Mind

Buy a house that you can enjoy as you age in place. Go as low or no maintenance on the exterior as you can, and do your best to get a home with laundry facilities on the main floor, preferably near the bedrooms.

A home with stairs is not necessarily a big problem long-term, but carrying laundry baskets and groceries up and downstairs increases your risk of a dangerous fall. Look for a home with an attached garage and, preferably, no or a few steps from the garage into the home.


Celebrate Your New Space

Your new home can be a place that suits you ideally. For example, if you raised many children and had furniture that was comfortable but not as elegant as you like, get something that suits your new lifestyle. If your entertainment area was constantly full of kid-friendly electronics and you want something sleeker, get it!

Choose colors that give you calm. Bright white trim and clean blues, greys, and greens may suit your new space, or you may finally want a wood floor. No matter what you’ve always dreamed of, do go to the trouble to make changes that suit your new life.


Build a Dream Room

What did you always want to do once you had time? If you wanted to learn a new language, take a class and put up posters of your travel dream in your dream room. If you wanted to learn to paint, put up an easel. If you are interested in yoga, get a mat, a block, a strap, and make room to watch yoga videos in your dream room.

Breaking away from a child-friendly house mindset may take some time. If you find yourself placing delicate items on high shelves, consider investing in a glass storage cabinet where you can show off your favorite collectibles without worrying about little fingers causing damage.

You can grow a beautiful life in a smaller container. In fact, by downsizing or rightsizing, you can guard your budget because utility bills will be lower. By the end of your downsizing process, you may actually find that your money worries go down because you have lowered your bills, reduced your square footage, and moved into a newer building.

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