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How To Invest With A Difference

Investing has always been somewhat of a minefield. Some find it pretty easy. Some get lucky. For others, the whole thing is too deep and murky. They’ll put it off. Even if they’ve got the cash. Perhaps you’re the same. However, there’s a mode of investment for everybody. Research plays a key part of investment as it allows you to find something you believe in and which you’re passionate about. This is why looking for those different investments can really help. The ones which aren’t really mainstream but offer a good return whether you’re looking to hold long term or to simply flip. Here are some top ideas to help you invest with a difference. Perhaps you can finally find something you enjoy to get your portfolio up off the ground.


Old Collectibles

Yep. You can invest in old collectible items. Think about those old toys. You can buy, hold, and wait for the price to increase. Perhaps you can buy, fix it up then sell for an instant profit. Collectibles offer a great investment. Look at how much those old Star Wars toys are going for at the moment. Even on places like Amazon, they’re selling for a hefty sum. Trading cards are popular too, and take up little to no storage space. Baseball cards are always popular, as are Pokemon cards. To a certain extent, you need to have an eye for this kind of thing to properly ensure you can make decent purchases which will turn into money down the line. If you don’t know what you’re looking for you may end up buying something which depreciates instead of appreciates. Also, you need to ensure that you store them in the right way. If you don’t, they may get damaged and you’ll lose out.


Buy A Business Outright

That’s literally what investment is. You don’t just have to invest in products or stock etc. You can buy the business. It might be a fledgling startup or something that’s been around for a while. The strange thing is that there are multiple businesses available which suit differing price ranges. Perhaps you can find something that you can help build into something more valuable. It could be a website which earns money from advertisements, or maybe a business which utilizes fulfilment by Amazon. You could even buy a physical business premises if you were so inclined.  Of course, you need to do your due diligence beforehand. Otherwise, you could end up buying a business which is on the way down. Check the profit and loss, make sure you know exactly what you’re going to buy. Always buy from a reputable platform. Flipa is a current popular platform, as is Empire Flippers. However, nothing on any broker site will replace the research done by yourself. 


Go For Drinks

Alcohol is a great investment opportunity. Think about rare wines and whiskeys. If you like a drink and know the market you’ll perhaps know what’s going to gain in value down the line. You buy, hold, and sell. Another great method is in the buying of a whiskey collection. If you can get a collection over a period of time they’ll sell for a lot more than singles. Again, the great thing about investing in alcohol is that you can enter with a varied budget. You can buy bottles for tens of thousands, or enter with a couple hundred. The only thing you need to do is to stop yourself from drinking whatever you’ve bought. Store them out of the way so that you don’t open one by accident. 



Art isn’t necessarily a different investment. People have been using it to make money for centuries. However, if you like art, the investment might not be seen as one. It’s because you can display the art in your office or home, and enjoy it until you deem fit to sell. When you do sell, you can sell for more. It’s all in knowing what’s going to increase in value versus what won’t. Storage is a problem. Some art is quite large and while you might want to stick it on the wall, you have to think about things like light damage. It only takes one scratch or spillage and just like that you’ve lost a huge chunk of your investment. If you decide to store it in a storage bin or vault you have to ensure the temperature etc. is safe. Of course, getting these art pieces insured is pretty important so do it as soon as you buy. 

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