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3 Tips: How To Increase Your Home’s Storage Capacity

If you are a homeowner, you may be afraid to store things in the basement due to water leaks. Thankfully, you can save your basement from water by using a basement waterproofing sealer. There are other storage options available to you as well though if you do not have a basement like those found below.

1. Choose Furniture Wisely

Furniture is not just there for your comfort and to look beautiful in your home, as it can actually have multiple purposes. Furniture that has storage capability is a perfect option for you if you live in a small home or do not have much storage space. Consider an ottoman that opens for storage or an end table that has multiple drawers or bins for you to place things in. You can also add trunks or chests to rooms of your home to store blankets or other materials that need to be hidden away.

Consider a bookcase in your home, but do not just use it for books as this can be an extremely effective storage solution. Customize it to place your board games on, put baskets on it for your children’s toys, or use it in any variety of ways that you can think of. There are also beds created now that have drawers under the frames that you can put in your children’s rooms to store their toys in. Finally, consider a dining room bench or a breakfast nook that has liftable seating for you to store things in so that everything is hidden when needed.


2. Use Vertical Space

Many individuals forget to use the vertical space that is in their homes when they are looking for storage solutions. This does not just include your closet space either, as this is naturally what you may think of first when hanging things vertically. Put a bulletin board on your wall, for instance, that you can hand jewelry from or that you can place your important documents on. Purchase a multi-organizer that hangs on your wall that can hold your mail, produce, the dog leash, your keys, and whatever else you want.

Just because the discussions not just on your closet space does not mean that it cannot be mentioned here as well. Use your closet in a smart way though as it can quickly fill up if you have a large amount of clothing or a large number of shoes. Consider collapsible hangars that you can place similar items on together so that they take up less space in your closet. Obtain specialized hangers for you to put your belts and scarves on, while you can get an over-the-door storage solution to hang your shoes in on the closet door.


3. Think of What is Not Being Used

The final storage solution for you to consider in your home is to think of the spaces that are not currently in use. Consider under your bed, for instance, in which you can easily invest in tubs to place items in. Just put your frame on bed risers so that there is space for you to slide whatever needs storage under your bed at any instance. Again, do consider those beds that have drawers that you can place your children’s toys in and your other belongings in for easy access.

Obtain access to the deepest parts of your cabinets that you typically may not place items in as well by investing in a lazy Susan or some other type of organizer. Use hooks over the door where you can hang your shoes or place any other items that may be able to be stored such as your jewelry. Make sure to use every inch of space that you have available if you are someone who does have a small house. That even includes the basement when you have made it as waterproofed as you possibly can so that nothing becomes damaged.


Final Thoughts

Storage is tricky in your home, especially if you do not have much room or are worried about water damage. Thankfully, there are solutions to any of your concerns when you think outside of the box. Do not be afraid to use your basement, use every space in your home, and think about where to place things.

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