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How To Choose the Right Type Of Air Conditioner

You’re planning to purchase an air conditioner for your home and want to make the right choice. If you do this without doing any research, you’ll see how overwhelming everything could be. The following are a few tips that will help you choose the right type of AC for your home.

Get the Budget

Any good HVAC company representative will tell you the first thing you have to do before you start looking for an AC is decide on your budget. You know that this purchase is going to be pricey. Most folks consider this one of the most expensive appliances a home will need, yet it’s a necessary one.

You’ll see various prices, which could be advantageous to you depending on how much you can spend on this. Don’t look for something that could stretch you too thinly or you might hit financial setbacks, but don’t get something so cheap you might regret it later. Be honest about what you can spend, and that should help you choose.


Know Your Limits

The next thing you want to do is figure out your limitations. For example, maybe you can’t install ductwork or make large modifications because you don’t own the home. If this is the case, then you might want to consider a window AC unit or a through-the-wall AC unit.

Keep in mind that both types of AC units are meant to cool a single room rather than an entire house. There are also ductless AC units that should help keep your place cool without needing ducts. Ductless AC units can cool bigger places, but they also have some limitations. If your home is too large, you might need a central air conditioner to keep everyone comfortable in your house.


Choosing the Right Size

The next thing you want to do is figure out the right size. If you’re getting smaller air conditioners like window ACs or a portable one, then this question isn’t too difficult. You will probably get the unit that is most convenient and will fit in the room where you’ll be using the unit. If you need a larger AC, then you need to choose the correct size.

At this point, you’ll want an AC specialist to come to your home and inspect the house. If you choose something too big, you’ll find yourself shutting it off often, and that reduces its lifespan. If the unit is too small, the AC will work too hard to keep you comfortable, which will also diminish its lifespan. Talk to the specialist and let his or her recommendations guide you.


Addressing Specific Restrictions

Just because you know what you want doesn’t mean you can have it. Yes, sometimes, there are a few restrictions you have to deal with that might force you to rethink your choice. For example, if for some reason you’re home was built a long time ago, then installing central air conditioning might be nearly impossible.

Sometimes, the structure can’t handle the upgrade, so you’ll have to choose something that won’t use ducts. Maybe you can’t purchase a window AC because you’re a member of a home association or a residential zone with specific restrictions regarding these types of AC units. Try to find out what you can or cannot install in your home before you make your decision.


Thinking About the Energy

The next thing you have to consider is energy. There are AC units that conserve energy, and if this is something you care about, then you need to incorporate it into your plans now. Some folks care about energy usage because they want to save money, while others are worried about the environment.

Either way, you need to think about this early. You might even want to add a smart thermostat because that could also help reduce your energy consumption. Is important to remember that these types of units don’t work around the clock like regular ACs. They do stop every so often to reduce energy consumption, but that shouldn’t make you feel any less comfortable at home.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to find the right AC unit for your home. Try to be patient because these steps take time, but in the end, you’ll end up with an AC unit that you’ll love.

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