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Explore Five Ways To Enhance Muscle Power

Building muscle strength does not come easy. You might subscribe to the gym and train hard. Yes, this will result in some muscle mass, but you need more than that to enhance your muscle power. Increasing muscle power is way more than picking up some dumbbells and working out like a maniac.

You need a well-defined tactic that will involve your diet, training regime, and overall lifestyle. These tactics include planning as simply eating or working out as you deem fit will not give you the intended result.

We are not proposing a rigid strategy that will place some form of restriction on your life. You can build muscle without burning yourself out and still enjoy your favorite meals. You only need to train smart and eat right.

Here are some tips that can guide you.


Consume a Balanced Diet

Your protein, fat, carbs, and water need to be in the right amount to enhance muscle power.



For every 454g of body weight, you need 1 gram of protein. This is 150 grams per day for someone weighing 68 kg. Make sure to consume whole protein with every meal.  Some sources of protein are:

  • Poultry: turkey, chicken, and egg
  • Diary: milk, cottage, cheese, and yogurt
  • Red meat: lamb, pork, and beef
  • Fish: Sardines, mackerel, and salmon

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories. Make sure this is present in all your meals. They are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fibers. It aids digestion as well. Make sure not to take fruits with excessive sugar content.



You should take carbs mainly after your workout. Carbs give you energy, but you should eat them in moderation. Stay away from white carbs and whole grains. Concentrate on rice, bread, oats, etc.


Invest in Quality Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids help improve muscle power and strength. The male body produces testosterone, an effective form of anabolic steroid. There are two major effects of testosterone in the body

  • Increase in muscle mass (anabolic effects), and
  • Enhancing male traits such as deep voice and facial hair (androgenic effects).

There are modifications of testosterone, a form of anabolic steroids that boost performance. Make sure to, however, get your steroids from a trusted store.

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Follow the FITT Principle

Using a light-weight to build muscle is good, but it will hardly sustain you. In designing your training regimen, make sure to adopt the FITT principle, where each acronym stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of workouts.

  • Frequency is the number of training sections you have per week. You need at least three days of training in a week.
  • Intensity is the amount of weight you used for each repetition. To build muscle power, you need one to eight repetitions of 75% 1RM per set.
  • The time of your training should be an average of 45 minutes, plus or minus 15 minutes. Make sure to include the right work-rest ratio. You need a work-rest ratio of 1:3 to enhance muscle mass. As a result, if it took you 30 seconds for a set of 10 reps, you need to rest for about 90 to 270 minutes.
  • Make sure you vary the type of exercise. This will engage you throughout the section while improving gains.

As you progress, make sure to increase one or more of any of the FITT components above. The change should be gradual. Also, it doesn’t make sense to have a massive increase in any of the single features. Make sure to design a program that will be sustainable in the long run for yourself.

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Focus on Workout that Challenges Multiple Joints

This means you need to challenge the body to build muscle. While bicep curls are fun, you need more than that to develop muscle power. An essential key to achieve this is to work through “multi-joint” movements and not isolation training.

This means focusing on exercise that challenges a series of joints and muscles simultaneously, rather than one. A dumbbell roll, for instance, will challenge the biceps, abs, and lats. By engaging multiple muscle groups, you will be able to lift more weight.

With this, make sure to focus on moves like pullups, deadlifts, bench presses while training. These moves are vital to the enhancement of your muscle power.


Get Enough Sleep

In building and enhancing muscle power, adequate sleep cannot be overemphasized. Deep and restful sleep is so vital that you will not see many results if missing in your routine. Besides, after working out and overstressing the muscles, sleep provides the avenue for muscle growth and repair.

The absence of sleep causes severe problems like depression and other issues that can affect your aim to enhance muscle power and doesn’t have health benefits. Besides, with inadequate sleep, the body will not get the needed growth hormone to build muscle mass.

Make sure to get between seven and eight hours of sleep every day, and even more if your body demands it.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Li Sun from Pexels


Provided you are willing to give it what it takes, enhancing muscle power is possible. The tips we have discussed here will go a long way to boost your muscle mass and strength.



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