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4 Delicious Breakfast Ideas Anyone Can Make

Breakfast is an important part of the day. It helps wake people up, it adds protein and vitamins that people need to stay awake and be fully functional. Breakfast is a fun way to get the day started. It is even important in many cultures. Breakfast is a good start to anyone’s day especially when it is full of everything the body needs in the right quantities. Breakfast can be easy and fun, especially with these four ideas.


Muesli is a good source of fiber. It is good to have at breakfast to keep you full and help with the need for a smaller lunch. It is a great way to lose weight and can be combined to make many different foods. It is a beneficial start to the day. Muesli originated in Switzerland, which had become a traditional European breakfast cereal. There are a variety of different brands but this healthy, filling breakfast alternative ordinarily consists of oats and other grains as a “base” combined with dried nuts and fruits.

Muesli is available at online providers that provide wholesale Muesli in bulk. They also provide healthy gourmet and organic pancakes. Their pancake recipe is vegan with a mix of whole grains and naturally sweet cranberries and dates.


Breakfast Ideas

Muesli can be made as hot oatmeal. First, you use your choice of milk or water, some prefer coconut milk for a different flavor. Cook for 2-4 minutes and add your choice of fruit.

It can be served as cereal, take your favorite milk and pour. Muesli is best as overnight oats as well. Overnight oats which are also named Bircher Muesli style are a great way to start anyone’s day. The first ingredient is Muesli, then you’ll need milk or a milk alternative, apple juice, honey, lemon juice, plain yogurt, an apple cored and grated with the peel, and some cinnamon.

Another breakfast favorite is Muesli over yogurt. It is a great snack or meal to keep you full and satisfied. Yogurt with whole milk has more calcium than Greek yogurt, whichever yogurt you enjoy best would go with you Muesli.

Muesli can be made simply into a breakfast bowl. It is traditionally mixed with yogurt and left in the refrigerator overnight to combine texture and add a little bit of a starchy flavor. Or you can make it bright and early in the morning for a quick dine and dash snack if you are in a hurry. Adding dried nuts for crunch or apple juice for a sweetened taste will help you decide what you enjoy best. The Muesli can even be used as a topper to combine different textures and flavors. The breakfast bowl can be enjoyed with blueberries and blackberries for their antioxidant properties or apple slices for crunch. Adding banana will also help with energy, low potassium levels, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Muesli is a small and wholesome breakfast that will last until lunch or even longer.


Benefits of a Muesli Breakfast

Muesli is made from 8 simple whole grain oats:

  • organic whole rolled oats
  • organic whole grain red wheat flakes
  • organic dates
  • organic raisins
  • roasted almonds
  • organic un-sulfured, unsweetened coconut
  • cranberries sweetened with apple juice
  • organic flax seeds

These fully packed organic ingredients keep you full and ready for your day. There are no GMO’s, refined sugar, and no other artificial materials. This allows for sustained energy, help with weight loss, blood sugar and cholesterol regulation, and much more. The body cannot naturally produce certain fatty acids, the body needs these to function properly and maintain balance and healthy digestion. Muesli helps promote these natural body functions and adds what the body cannot produce on its own.


Breakfast Done Right

Muesli can be used to make a healthy, beneficial, and filling breakfast. It helps maintain a healthy diet without dieting and consists of daily dietary fibers the body needs. Muesli can be mixed and made into what suits you the most. Muesli can be made to fit your taste.

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