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7 Tips For Designing An App For Your Family Business

Launching a family business is an exciting yet nerve-wracking venture. One of the most effective tools in your arsenal will be your organization’s mobile app. Before you put this app out there in the mobile marketplace, you need to ensure that you have perfected all of its styling and functional elements. Here are seven tips for designing a mobile app for your family business.

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Research the Competition

When deciding how to build a mobile app, the first thing that you need to do is to research the competition. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, you will get a good idea of what is working by understanding what long-standing vendors are using in their app.

Additionally, this will help you to understand what new features you can add to your app to make it different from the competition. The goal is to provide a service that other vendors in your market do not offer. This research will help you to formulate ideas about what you want to include in your app.


Make it Personal

Because you are running a family business, your app should reflect this level of personal connection. While you may not have the resources that a corporate business has when launching an app, you have the benefit of being able to create a custom mobile experience that plays up the personal touches of your family operation. Rather than shy away from this element of your business, lean into it so that your app reflects this unique perspective that you offer to your users.


Solicit Feedback Before the Launch

You do not want to rush your app to launch without thoroughly vetting it. Before you go live with your app to the general public, you need to thoroughly test it and solicit feedback.

The best way to do this is to demo it with a select group of focus users. Be sure to solicit feedback by asking specific questions. You need to try the app out on a variety of platforms to ensure that it is compatible with a wide array of devices.


Employ Beta Testing

After you have tried the app out on a few test runs with your focus group, you need to employ official beta testing. Most platforms employ testers who are trained to give you professional advice about the function and design of your app. Take this advice to heart when you begin making the final tweaks to your app.


Deliver Relevant Information

The fanciest and fastest app in the world will not mean a thing if you are not continually providing relevant information. You need to be cognizant to deliver timely and helpful information on a regular basis. Once your customers feel confident that your app fills a need for them, they will be more likely to make visiting it a part of their regular routine.


Balance Function and Design

Your app must exhibit equal amounts of function and design. Without a quality functional experience, users will not have any reason to come back to the app. Likewise, a cluttered design and cheap styling elements will also turn your audience off. For this reason, you need to give equal attention to each of these key elements in order to deliver the best app that you can.


Leverage Social Media and Social Influencers

The sphere of social media and influencers are a powerful combination when you need to get your app out there to the public. It is imperative that you make your app compatible with major social media platforms. This includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Your users will appreciate the ability to link their app with their social media accounts so that they can toggle between them all seamlessly.

You should also consider using social influencers to promote your app. This can be an affordable way to market your app to a specific audience of users, making it a good use of your marketing and promotions budget.

While it may seem daunting to launch a mobile app for your family business, having a plan will promote an easier experience throughout the entire process. Be sure to follow these seven tips so that you feel completely confident on launch day.

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