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5 Easy Steps To Clean Your Furniture

Home Furniture comprises essential accessories every home needs. Keeping your home clean is necessary to not only improve the looks but also promote their lifespan. Sometimes, however, furniture can pose as the most challenging household items to keep clean. However, it should not always have to be a problem to maintain clean furniture at home.

Follow these five easy steps to clean your pieces of furniture.

1. Wipe with a Clean Piece of Cloth

Sometimes, that is how simple it is to clean your Woodard furniture. This method works great for painted pieces of furniture. No heavy work is needed when only dust is the only dirt on your tables. A simple wiping will remove everything and restore the gloss you desire.

However, if there are stains from soup spills or wet dirt, you would need a wet piece of cloth. In some cases, you would need a simple stain remover for the job. The process is the same, but you should dry the furniture after cleaning with a wet material.


2. Vacuuming

Upholstery furniture needs dusting and regular vacuuming to keep them clean. While the cushions and the surfaces are easy to maintain by dusting with a soft cloth, the crevices and cracks will require more attention. Your vacuum cleaner will be essential to get every bit of dirt out of the crevices and maintain your furniture.

3. Soapy Water or Vinegar Solution

Some stains are hard to clean by mere dusting. This happens, especially on leather furniture. The stains need to be dissolved to come off the material. A simple wipe with soapy water can help you to remove the dirt. Vinegar also helps when you are dealing with stubborn stains. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and make your cleaning cloth damp in the solution to wipe off the stain.


4. Use Mineral Spirit on Wooden Furniture

Old wood paint can start to peel off or get stained due to moisture. When wood is not well treated or dry, it can become messy after a while. You would need a way to clean the damaged paint or stain from your wooden furniture. While sanding is a quick method to get the work done, it is not efficient as it leaves dust that can be inhaled and makes the room dirtier. Mineral spirits, like thinners, will help you to strip the paint and stains so that you give your furniture a fresh start.


5. Sprinkling Baking Soda

If you have fabric furniture, then you can be sure to get them stained more often than other types of furniture. Baking soda is an ideal solution to cleaning fabric furniture. Sprinkling it on your sofa helps to keep the odor off and loosen the stain for easier cleaning.


In Summary

Furniture cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of home maintenance and improvement. Spills are the most common culprits that cause furniture stains. Wiping them off immediately when they get into contact with your furniture will reduce the stress of cleaning a mess.

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