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7 Apps That Protect Your Personal Information

Nowadays, security is of the utmost importance when it comes to any online venture. Many people claim to offer services when their principal interest is to exploit online users for their personal information. They do this mostly to achieve financial gains or only for malicious reasons. In this article, I will talk about some applications you could use that protect your integrity and confidentiality interests.

Use The Right Search Engines And Browsers

Anytime you go online, it is vital to use a platform that will hide your tracks, leaving you fundamentally untraceable. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that gives its users complete anonymity anytime they go browsing the internet. They have a privacy policy that assures all of its users’ protection of their personal information. All history is not tracked, saved, or shared, and there is a search redirect feature used to protect your personal information from the sites you visit.

DuckDuckGo is so reliable that Firefox provides this option for users who want to use the browser as their default search engine. DuckDuckGo uses HTTPS encryption to ensure search terms are not availed to other websites. The search engine provides Ad-free results. Also, it does not track your search history. The search engine gets rid of the untidiness made by adverts. Moreover, the search engine sets its default cookie settings off so that the user can use them or not, depending on individual preference.

Next, the Tor browser is the browser of choice for users interested in their details’ complete discretion and search for information. It provides anonymity to its users. Although it shares 95% of its code with Firefox, it implements privacy protection features from 5% of its source code. Like other privacy-respecting counterparts, Tor does not sell user information to third parties. It provides anonymity by bouncing signals to ensure that users are untraceable. It also clears search history to protect your search information from the next user or anyone who uses your computer.

Firefox Focus is another browser that offers information privacy, but it is used on mobile phones. All cookies and browser history is erased once you close the browser. Also, the browser does not track any of your web activity. Firefox focus uses content blocking to disengage annoying advertisers that entrench hidden data collection trackers. As a result, Firefox focus is relatively faster as it only loads the necessary information.


Protect Your Personal Information, E-Mails, And Files

ProtonMail is an e-mail protector that has HTTPS features. The end-to-end encryption feature ensures that only e-mail senders and receivers have access to their mail messages. Any third parties, including ProtonMail itself, cannot access e-mails.

Correspondingly, consider using the WeTransfer platform to transfer files securely. Made in the Netherlands, WeTransfer abides by the Dutch Personal Protection Act. This is a code that defines privacy and data protection obligations.

Nobody has access to the shared files apart from the sender and the receiver. The sender can also choose to share information using a unique link without necessarily providing e-mail addresses. Even WeTransfer itself cannot access the files as their privacy policy does not permit it.


Use Trustworthy Online Platforms

You can also use Medium. Medium is an online platform that safeguards all personal information of its users. It does not sell any personal information to third-parties. All information gathered is only used to develop Medium as personalized service to serve its users better. The medium does not track any online activity to its users. For all your credit card details, use platforms that are very keen on PCI Compliance.


Use Encrypted Communication Channels

When considering discrete communication services, look no further than Signal. Signal offers end-to-end encryption for all messaging and voice-call services. They are not interested in any personal details of their clients or any activity involving selling personal information to third parties for that matter. Can you imagine the kind of power some random, evil-minded buffoon could have over you if he or she could be able to intercept your phone calls or access your text messages? Stick to encrypted communication platforms.

The fact that the internet has become increasingly important in our day to day lives is undeniable. The internet has united the world in a way that has never happened before, both in the social life perspective and the business front. However, it is essential to use it intelligently.

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