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Keeping Your Geek Stash Clean And Sparkling

Around 85% of all Americans have cell phones, 76% have desktop and laptop computers, and around 42% have game consoles, reports Pew Research. Add to this multiple MP3 players, tablets, e-book readers and the like, and it can be easy to see that most people have quite a pile of devices to keep clean. If you are a self-confessed geek who likes to keep their devices looking as good as new, you might find the following tips useful.

Microfiber: A Cloth For All Seasons

Microfiber is a marvelous choice for cleaning devices ranging from phones to keyboards and consoles. Unlike tissue and other paper-based products, microfiber cloth will not leave scratches on glass components of devices. Do not be tempted to use household glass or surface cleaners on devices, since they can damage protective coatings. If device screens are very dirty, slightly dampen the microfiber cloth with distilled water, and gently wipe the screen. Avoid directly spraying water onto a screen or any other gadget.

Dedicated Gadget Cleaners

If you’re the type of device owner who likes using purpose-made cleaners for your gadget, you may prefer to use an LCD-cleaning fluid that is specifically made for devices. These liquids, meant for use alongside a microfiber cloth, are anti-smear, non-toxic, and quick to evaporate. If you have sensitive skin, ensure that the cleaning fluid is free of allergens such as sodium lauryl sulfate, a known allergen that can irritate the scalp, skin and eyes. You should also avoid anything with ethyl alcohol, ammonia, or methyl chloride as these could damage your screen surfaces.

Keeping Wires Clean And Dust Free

One thing any geek with their own tech dungeon knows is that cables can easily get covered in dust. There are many ways to keep this from happening – including the use of cable clips (which will keep cables off the floor and away from your chair wheels), holders, sleeves, and raceways. Covering cables makes it easy to simply use a duster, rag, or even broom to gently remove dust from the covering. If you are into DIY solutions, make your own ‘cablebone’. This is essentially a piece of rubber that you wind excess cable around so as to reduce the chance of tangling and clutter beneath your desk or workspace.

Disinfecting Video Game Controllers

If you share your console with friends, ensure that your controller is bacteria-free. There is a difference between cleaning and disinfection, and while a good, regular clean will do for most items, joysticks, controllers and other items that are frequently touched could do with a good disinfection. For this purpose, use anti-bacterial wipes. For buttons and cable or charging ports, use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher), giving the cables a quick once-over as well.

If you have an awesome collection of gadgets, keep them clean, and disinfect shared items such as consoles. A microfiber cloth is your best ally for all gadgets. For dirtier surfaces, antibacterial wipes are perfect, but ensure that any wipes or cleaning solutions you use are free of substances that can damage your gadgets or harm human health.

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