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Learn More About Test and Tag Common Questions

Many of you might have multiple questions regarding testing and tagging. Here are all the answers to your questions which will clear up all your misunderstandings regarding test and tagging rules and some topics which all of us need to understand.


What Is Test And Tag?

This is a process of checking if your electrical equipment’s are safe to be used by you. It generally is done in two ways: firstly, personnel inspect your appliance to check if there is any damage, after that an electrical testing is conducted with a Portable Appliance tester by a company like After the testing is done the technician then tags the equipment mentioning the date when the device was tested and the name of the person who tested it. The technician makes sure that the next testing date is also mentioned when they tag it.


How Often Do We Need To Test And Tag?

While testing and tagging an electrical equipment’s we need to understand how often and electrical appliance needs to be tested. It basically depends on the location of the environment of the appliance. Different work places have different test and tag norms because of the risk and OHS planning. However, some equipment in common locations should be tested and tagged in the following intervals:

  • 3 Months – Places such -building, construction and demolition
  • 6 Months – Places such as factories, ware houses and production places.
  • 12 Months – An equipment which is located in an environment where the supply cord is prone to flexing.
  • 5 Yearly – If the equipment supply cord is not prone to abuse or flexing


Test and Tag Colors

If you work as a technician it is always better to know which test and tag color you should be using as it is a very confusing subject for most of the industries. In Testing and tagging there are two scenarios:

  • If you work in a construction site you are required to use specific tag colors when testing is done.
  • If you don’t work in the construction site you can use your ow color coding system.

If you are working in a demolition or a construction site there are certain colors which are used as tag colors. These tag colors specify different months of the year and are even used in mining sites. The color Red is tagged for December to February, Green is tagged for March to May, June to August is tagged as Blue and Sept till November is tagged as yellow.

However, if you are not working for any industries, it is not required for you to follow legislative law and you can use any color for tagging for different months. The most commonly used colors are red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white and black.


Reasons to Use Test and Tag

Many people are now a days using the advantage of customized tags. If you are in the business or if you need to check equipment’s for you clients using a customized tag really helps you in your job and increases your clientele.

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