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Roadscapes Wednesday: The New Autostrada A10 Bridge In Genova

Remember the Genova Autostrada bridge collapse?  The new bridge has been built and is now open!  The Genoa Saint George Bridge (Italian: Viadotto Genova-San Giorgio) is a motorway viaduct that crosses the Polcevera river and the districts of Sampierdarena and Cornigliano, in the city of Genoa. It was designed by architect Renzo Piano.

The bridge replaces the Ponte Morandi (Polcevera Viaduct), which partially collapsed on 14 August 2018 and was completely demolished in June 2019.

The new viaduct, with its associated junctions, constitutes the initial section of the Italian A10 motorway, managed by the concessionaire Autostrade per l’Italia, which in turn is included in the European route E80.

The bridge project was carried out by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano through his Building Workshop and was officially presented on 7 September 2018 together with the President of Liguria Giovanni Toti, the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci and the CEOs of Autostrade per l’Italia and Fincantieri, Giovanni Castellucci and Giuseppe Bono respectively. The project includes four lanes and two emergency lanes.

Built as a mixed steel-concrete structure, it is 1,067 meters long and consists of 19 spans supported by 18 elliptical section reinforced concrete stacks with a constant shape.

The viaduct will be constantly monitored by four robots (designed by the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) equipped with wheels (with which they will move along the external rails of the viaduct) and articulated arms. The role of these robots is to automate inspection of the lower surface of the bridge and the cleaning of windproof barriers and solar panels.

See the new bridge below from YouTuber HWYitalia.

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