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Roadscapes Wednesday: New Driver Road Sign Handbook Infographics

When learning how to drive, both on rural roads and highways, understanding road sign meanings are crucial to your safety and success while traveling. However there are so many different signs, shapes, colors and meanings to memorize that it can get overwhelming (especially for new drivers).

To increase road safety and help new drivers feel more confident behind the wheel, The Simple Dollar has created the ultimate guide to every road sign you’ll need to know. But did you know that ignoring these signs also have pretty steep consequences? To put things into perspective, they also put together some stats on just how much it’ll cost if you accidentally run that stop sign.

Road signs can be broken down into three main categories: regulatory, warning and guide. In addition, there are also nine shapes and eight different colors that have their own meanings as well. We are all familiar with the octagon shape of a stop sign, but did you know that pentagons are used exclusively for school warning signs? Or that yellow signs are always a warning sign?

Check out all the graphics they created below to gain a better understanding of what each sign is trying to communicate, in addition to the amount the average citation will cost you. And if you are still concerned about hopping on the highway, one way to ease those fears is to get comprehensive auto insurance, ensuring a more relaxed experience behind the wheel.

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