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This Is What I Want For Christmas 2019 Edition

Well, it took a little longer to think about what I want for Christmas 2019.  But, I finally have my list, and I am wanting to share what I want for Christmas for 2019.  Yeah, I know most of these things below I will not get, and I will likely go get myself.  I have listed the order of things from the least to the most expensive.  After an amazing year which included myself being featured on national television, here is what I want for Christmas 2019!

Cordless Car Vacuum

Yeah, where I live at, I have no options of dragging a vacuum and electrical cord out to the side of a busy road.  And trying to make change for quarters to use the vacuums at a self-serve car wash is not fun at all.  So getting a cordless car vacuum would be a big help, and help keep the ants out of the car.  Driving with a bunch of ants in a car is not fun at all.


I currently use a plastic cheap shelf to house all the books I have, and the shelf is starting to give away because of the weight of the books.  So, I need something more sturdy like a wooden bookshelf to house all the current and future books I will get.

Bedside Table

I have been using a cheap dollar store small shelf to use a bedside fan, alarm clock, Amazon Echo, and to charge my phone.  The shelf is getting old and starting to give away as well.  Something more sturdy would help a lot.

Interstate Shield Sign

I have a fake Interstate wooden sign hanging on a wall in my house that came from a shop on Etsy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it!  But being a road geek, I really want a real Interstate sign.  Well, good luck finding those, eBay is a good start.

Air Fryer / Toaster Oven Combination

I do have a air fryer that I use often, and I have a toaster oven that I use often during the Summer.  There are some wonderful air fryer / toaster oven combination machines that would de-clutter my kitchen and I would use often.

Nintendo Switch

All of my followers and online friends have suggested I need to get into gaming more.  I can do some PC gaming, but many I suggested I get a Nintendo Switch as well.

Portable Air Conditioner

I only have on air conditioner in the living room, and I have to use a box fan during the Summer to blow the cool air into the bedroom.  Having a portable air conditioner would help me sleep comfortably and cooler during the Summer months in my bedroom.

New Laptop

I have a very old laptop that still runs on Windows, which support will soon end.  That means I will require getting a new laptop with Windows 10 on it.  This is especially useful when I travel and I have to update Geek Alabama and social media regularly.

New Mattress

The current mattress I have been using is getting closer to the end of it’s useful life.  It’s fine for now, but sooner or later it will need to be replaced.

Outdoor Camera

With all of the weird things happening outside of my door, from homeless people camping out, people knocking on my door in the middle of the night, and even the occasional gunfire I hear, it would be nice to know what is happening outside so I don’t have to open my door.

A Gun

Well, you need to defend yourself.  From the homeless people camping out in front of my house, you never know what might happen there, and it’s getting worse.  Also, with Anniston being the most dangerous city in America, one of the worst performing cities in America, and all the corruption and weird things happening here, sooner or later I will need to defend myself.  A gun will also come in handy if one of those people who threaten me on social media and have sent me death threats ever come after me.

A Move / Ticket Out Of Anniston

If a gun is not an option, a move completely out of Anniston must happen.  For starters, the homeless problem is getting worse around where I live, and the amount of strange people doing strange things is growing.  Also, with Anniston being so dangerous a move outta here probably is a good idea.  Also, with public officials here growing tired on me and threatening me because I talk about things that must be addressed here, a move outta here will be like a huge celebration to them.

Just simply moving out of Anniston would mean safer living arrangements for me, a cleaner environment for me, a lack of people screaming and yelling at me like those threatening to beat me down because they love loud music and I tell them to turn the volume down, yes that still happens, especially at the business across the street, and even a lack of people heckling me for simply being on the side of the street.  The environment here in Anniston has gotten worse, and it’s getting time to escape.

Weight Loss Surgery

Yeah, doctors telling me to do this and that, when I can’t afford anything on disability, what a life.  Several doctors have told me to consider weight loss surgery, and I tell them I can’t afford it.  Yeah, this won’t be a Christmas gift, but this might have to be in the long-term plans for myself.

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