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Sunday Discussion: The Idiot Who Popped The Trump Balloon

Last weekend while LSU was playing Alabama in Tuscaloosa, with President Trump attending, an idiot walked up to a balloon that looked like a Baby Trump, popped it, and got arrested for it.  Hoyt Hutchinson said he was so fed up with people who don’t like Trump’s policies, he used a razor to pop the balloon.  Before he popped the balloon, he went live on Facebook to say he was going to do it.  First tip, don’t tell the entire world that you are about to commit a felony crime.

Since he popped the balloon, he quickly bonded out of jail, and stared a GoFundMe to raise funds for legal fees.  While others are using GoFundMe to raise funds for medical bills, or for school, or for other worthy reasons, people nearly donated $50,000 to a guy who committed a felony crime.  And I find this absurd.

Hoyt said he had to take a stand, he took a stand alright.  He took a stand to make Alabama look like some dumb run-down rednecks who never welcomes any outsiders and will dare defend our rights by harming or destroying other people’s property to make a point.  There is a reason why Alabama is always on the bottom of the list or dead last in everything.  It’s because most of us living here don’t like change, even if that change makes things better.  The status quo is the only thing to do.

Anyways, I also found the comments on the GoFundMe disturbing.  One commenter below said Donald Trump is our “White Knight.”  This is extremely worrisome and scary.

Hoyt Hutchinson and the people who donated and support him are just ignorant.  They want to ignore the real facts that are currently happening in America and hide behind the false and fake stuff you find on Fox News and BreitBart.  Who cares about the facts.  Who cares about helping those who are less fortunate.  Who cares if the country goes into another civil war.  If the comments from Trump and the right-wing personalities slam those on the left, it’s a win.

I hope the judge throws the book at Hoyt Hutchinson and gets convicted of a felony, which means he would lose his rights to vote and to have guns.  And I also hopes Hoyt Hutchinson gets to spend a little time in a Alabama prison, who conservatives don’t care about either.  He’ll be real popular there quick.

I wrap this up by highlighting the phone call Hoyt Hutchinson made to the Rick and Bubba Show below.  This guy needs some therapy help.  The phone call begins at the 2:15:00 mark.

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