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Most people don’t exercise because they don’t have time. What about you? Is that your excuse too?

Then you should consider moving into a smart home, which helps you save time and money. Surprised? Don’t be.

It’s not me saying this, but raw, hard data:

57% of Americans who use smart products save 30 mins every day – enough for a good workout. What’s more, 45% save nearly $1200 a year.

And it gets better:

These devices improve home security, which is in fact the main reason why 62% of Americans buy a smart home in the first place.

What else? What are the other benefits?

Well, a smart home allows you do your bit for the environment by helping you save energy. Monitoring, tracking and controlling home devices also become a lot easier, especially when you are not at home.

Since various appliances are connected to the internet, you can control them from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop.

Forget to turn off the lights before leaving? No worries, you can turn them off right from the parking area. Need to change the code of your security system but are out of town? That’s easy peasy. Just open the app on your mobile and set a new code in a few seconds.

While there are all types of smart products in the market, locks and alarms are the most-used ones. This is not really surprising, as most people buy a smart home because it’s more secure.

Other popular product categories include carbon monoxide detectors and light bulbs. Smart cars, too, are in demand, with research showing there will be 152 million of them by 2020.

As far as industry leaders in this market are concerned, Samsung tops the list, followed by Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Schneider.

Considering that smart homes offer many important benefits, it’s no surprise that many think they are the future. Want to know more about them? Have a look at this infographic, which tells you everything you need to know about smart homes and their benefits.

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