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The Evening Post: I Was Supporting The Global Climate Strike

Today, I was inspired.  I was watching social media and I saw millions of people around the world supporting the Global Climate Strike.  As you know, this strike is to demand leaders around the world to make changes to our unnormal warming climate.  And I had to join in!  There was no where close where I could be part of a strike.  And where I live, if I stood on a corner I would be heckled and probably threatened by someone.  It has happened before.

So, I printed out some signs, and stood beside them.  The signs said “Manipulated? Controlled? Brainwashed? Indoctrinated? NO! We care about our future! The climate is changing! We must take action! Stop believing that BreitBart and Fox News crap!”  And I stand by those words!  It’s time some major changes happened to our planet.


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