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Music Thursdays: Keyton Band

Today, I am introducing a local East Alabama band.  Here is more about the Keyton band.

What began as a solo acoustic project in 2005, soon gave way to a full-band endeavor that exploded onto the Alabama scene in a colorful display of emotionally laced lyrics, and alternate guitar tunings. By late 2006 the pop-rock brotherhood known solely as “Keyton” had gained underground popularity by peddling demos around town, and performing at any/every event possible.

Following 2007’s release, “Dearly Departed, Dearly Dependent”, the band crammed themselves and their music gear into a 15 passenger van, and embarked on an U.S. tour that spanned 16 states in 18 days. The remainder of 2008 was spent in that van, playing as many shows as humanly possible and exemplifying the “hard work” ethos they had come to be known for.

Keyton delivered a sophomore release in 2009 entitled “Lineville”, named after the tiny Alabama town in which the band recorded the album. In 2010, supporting “Lineville”, the band commenced an 11 show stint within a 9 day period that led to high tensions, and eventually the demise of this band member lineup. Side-project touring occupied band members for the next 2 years.

2013 marked a period of revitalization within the band, and talks of a new member lineup soon led to the commencement of writing new album material. 2014 was a historic year of performances, including the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, where the quartet laid down tracks for the new album.

After 3 albums and 2 eastern US tours, “Keyton” has essentially become a family of musicians. 2014’s release, “Postmark My Heart” is a quintessential indie release, sure to grace the headphones of any twenty-something that has ever been in love. Littered with bittersweet lyrics and catchy melodies, “Postmark My Heart” is a nod to the pop-driven rock that has come to flood the airwaves in the form of The Plain White T’s, The 1975, or Third Eye Blind.

Here is their song titled “Sleepless” which is a Sun Studio Session.

Here is a cover of “Pretty Little Girl.”

Here’s another song titled “Awake.”

Here’s a song they did about the 2017 solar eclipse.

Here’s some popular songs from their SoundCloud.  Songs include “Believe In Me, Or I’ll Be Leavin’ You”, “Brand New Colony”, and “Don’t Let Me Go.”

Learn more about Keyton Band on their Facebook or BandCamp pages!

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