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The Alex Trebek Cancer Announcement Is A Huge Kick To The Gut

Like many others, I learned the news of the cancer announcement from Alex Trebek while traveling home yesterday, I was going home and a breaking news alert popped up on my phone.  It read that Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.  Then I found the video where Alex Trebek announced the cancer diagnosis.

I loved how he calmed his fans, explained what the cancer diagnosis was all about, and even inserted some humor, he can’t die now.  He still has a few years left on his Jeopardy contract.

The truth is, it will be one extremely long uphill battle for Alex Trebek.  Pancreatic cancer is rapidly becoming one of the most diagnosed cancers.  And pancreatic cancer is often very hard to detect.  And once pancreatic cancer is detected, it’s often spread to other parts of the body.  With a stage four pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the survival rate is very dim.  The five-year survival rate with those with stage four pancreatic cancer is only under 10%.

I commend Alex Trebek in releasing the video and addressing the health issues before the media like TMZ picked it up.  And I’d admit, Trebek still has a lot of humor about this.  If anything, this diagnosis for Alex Trebek might inspire others to be checked out for any cancers.  Cancer sucks, and the earlier a cancer is detected, the easier it is to fight back, and the survival rates are way higher.

I hope Alex Trebek will have a chance to speak or participate in events like Relay For Life from the American Cancer Society.  I also hope Alex Trebek will also use some time on Jeopardy to tell the audience to be screened for any potential cancers.  Of course, being screened for cancer is one step.  Also, exercising daily and eating right is also very important in cancer prevention or cancer treatments.  Hopefully Alex Trebek will talk about that too.

Alex Trebek will be among the 50,000 other people in the United States this year that was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Cancer is a horrible and terrible disease.  This bombshell announcement from Alex Trebek hopefully will serve as inspiration for others to treat their bodies better and get screened.  As for Alex Trebek and the future of Jeopardy?

I hope treatment goes well for Alex Trebek and he can remain on Jeopardy.  There are only a few weeks left in this season’s taping schedule.  So I would think you will continue to see Alex Trebek on Jeopardy until the end of the season this summer.  And for the next season which starts in September, that remains up in the air.

I have read the stories from people who knew others who passed away from stage four pancreatic cancer within a month or two.  This type of cancer explodes in one’s body quickly and the health worsens for that person quickly as well.  I hate this for Alex Trebek, and this would be a horrible way to leave our Earth.  But I would enjoy the episodes with Alex Trebek that are still scheduled to air soon.  Because by this Summer we will likely be talking about Alex Trebek’s funeral plans.

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