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Roadscapes Wednesday: The Dumb Self-Driving School Bus Idea

Would you let your child ride on a self-driving school bus travelling at only 8 mph?  A pilot program ran by Transdev had an electric shuttle take a group of elementary-aged children to school on Fridays in a Florida neighborhood.  The vehicle had an adult safety driver on board, and it only traveled a short distance.  But the NHTSA told Transdev to stop transporting children on the electric shuttle.  And it’s probably for the better.  Yes, there was an adult on board, but self-driving vehicles so far have had not such a good track record when it comes to accidents.  And no parent wants their kid injured if something happened.

We are a LONG ways off before self-driving vehicles become the norm.  Here is a video clip below from CBSN talking about this.

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