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Watch Contestants On Jeopardy Struggle On The Video Games Category

Lesson for any of us watching Jeopardy, the contestants don’t know everything.  And all of us geeks and nerds cringed when the contestants struggled on the video games category.  Many of us think Jeopardy contestants are generally nerds, but these folks only answered one of the five clues correctly.  And also got plenty of wrong responses as well.  Cringe while you watch this below.

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  1. I’ve got to give Jordan some credit. Dragon Age is an RPG so he had the right genre and he knew Bungie made Halo, he just got the wrong series. Although maybe he just knew there were games called Halo and took a close shot.

    Also, last man or team standing. Surely they’ve heard the term Battle royale before? That’s not a game specific term. Be worth a guess.