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Foodie Saturdays: All You Can Eat At Long John Sliver’s

The restaurant chain Long John Sliver’s is currently running a special promotion where you can eat as much as you want on Sundays!  From 11-7, you can choose either fish or chicken, and get two sides along with hushpuppies, and eat as much as you want!  You can also add on a drink for a extra charge.  My local Long John Sliver’s is doing the all you can eat promotion on both Saturday and Sunday from 11-7, and I went to try it out.

The price for the all you can eat special is $10.99, and seeing how their big platters cost around $9 already, adding only two dollars and getting all you can eat is a pretty good deal.  So after I ordered, I get my first plate.

I got started with two pieces of fish, corn, fries, and hushpuppies.  When you finish your plate, you just walk up to the front counter and ask for another plate.  They will let you also choose different sides such as coleslaw, green beans, etc. if you want.

I got four plates of food before I became full.  That was ten pieces of fish, and a lot of corn, fries, and hushpuppies.  Seeing a family meal like that can cost over $20, $10.99 is a very good deal!  I also loved how the sign was done out front.

So, I got plenty of food and became full!  If you want to take part in this all you can eat promotion, it’s only for a limited time.  Most Long John Sliver’s only do this promotion on Sundays.  But some locations might do the promotion on Saturday too!

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