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Priester’s Pecans Is An Alabama Maker Delighting Families For Decades

UPDATE: This post is written by Keisa Sharpe from Alabama NewsCenter.  Learn more at: http://alabamanewscenter.com

If you live in Alabama, you’ve likely heard of Priester’s Pecans. If you’ve never visited, you can do yourself a favor and make a trip.

It’s located below Montgomery, just off Interstate 65, nestled in the small community of Fort Deposit.

Once you step inside the store, the atmosphere weaves in several elements:

  • Part candy store with all the pecan confections.
  • Part country store with Alabama-made crafts.
  • Part country cafeteria with ice cream and other homemade lunch menu items.
  • Part small department store with clothing and clever souvenirs.

“My dad truly had a vision for this store,” said co-owner Ellen Burkett, “And I’m just honored to be able to carry on his legacy here at Priester’s.”

That legacy has become an Alabama gem. The business spans more than 70 years; its current location was built in 1979. If a visit to the retail store isn’t possible, order nuts, candies or baked goods online.

Customers can call a toll-free number (1-800-277-3226) and a customer service associate will assist with an order. Priester’s products also are located in myriad retail locations all over Alabama.

Burkett says it’s an absolute joy to serve Alabama customers.

Priester’s Pecans

The Product: Candied pecans, pecan rolls, pecan pies, homemade jellies and confections, and barbecue sauces
Take Home: Honey glazed pecans for $7.50 (6 oz) or 6-pack Fiddlesticks for $10.50
80 Bishop Bottom Road, Fort Deposit
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Customers can order online: https://www.priesters.com/  or call Customer Service at 1-800-277-3226.

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