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Roadscapes Wednesday: Digital License Plates Are Coming Soon

Yep, the days of metal license plates on your car could soon become a thing of the past.  There is a new company that makes a digital version of the license plate.  The company is called Reviver Auto, and the goal is to introduce a digital license plate to the motoring public.  The product is called the  Rplate Pro, and the plate can be customizable and even do things like saying the car is stolen or display an amber alert.

To see the digital license plate in action, watch this video below from The New Screen Savers as CEO Neville Boston shows off the digital license plate and all the features that comes with it.  As what many have said in the video’s comments, I wonder how long until this can be hacked?  Or a person can use this to avoid paying tolls or switch the license plate number?  Plus, this is expensive for now.  I think the old-fashioned metal license plates will be sticking around for now.  Enjoy the video below!

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